"I don't know anything yet,
so I want to know."

MINAMINO REPORT is a young footballer active in the world, Takumi Minamino,
he looked at the global problems facing the world with his own eyes,
he visited the site where efforts to solve the problem were being carried out with his own feet.
A project where Minamino uses his own voice to convey what he feels,。
what he is inspired by, and what he wants you to know
Land, sea, city.
Minamino will report on the front line of sustainability together with Yanmar,
which is working on the realization of a future rich in people and nature on the field of the earth.



Takumi Minamino

Born January 16, 1995. French League1 belongs to AS Monaco. In 2013, he made his debut as a high school graduate rookie at Cerezo Osaka in the opening starting line-up for the first time in club history. He was selected to the A team at the age of 19. In 2015, he joined Austrian powerhouse FC Red Bull Salzburg. Transferred and moved the stage of activity to Europe. Liverpool FC, the world's best club team, in January 2020 moved to and played an active role. In June 2022 he moved to Ligue 1 side AS Monaco. He is the world-famous treasure of the Japanese football world, carrying the number 10 on his back in the Japanese national team.In 2022, he became a “Sustainable Vision Partner” of Yanmar Holdings Co., Ltd.In 2022, he became a "Sustainable Vision Partner" of Yanmar Holdings Co.