Buy 49 power receives 49 power

Full force, full power with Yanmar's proprietary direct injection technology.

Provide high power until you really feel the difference.

Do not afraid of the heat of the engine and the loss of power even under long work hours all day.

In-line fuel pump

Through the high-pressure oil pump with large mono-plunger, the oil feed is calculated worthily in order to fully operate all pistons. The engine runs smoothly and quietly. The combustion is completed and there is no black

Specific technology integrated for you

With the smart gear system, magic reverser, 9 forward gears, and 9 backward gears offer the best performance in everywhere. The high-pressure oil pump with large mono-plunger provides the efficiency of oil consumption, no noise and black smoke.  feed is calculated worthily in order to fully operate all pistons.            

Quicker for the more rapid traveling or work

With the forward speed up to  1.6 - 28.8 Km./Hr.
With the backward speed up to  1.7 - 29.7 Km./Hr.

Bigger and stronger

With the large hydraulic pump given the high pressure, the engine supports the load of equipments more heavily, the full power transmission with direct shaft system, the increasing size of equipment connection point to be bigger and stronger, the increasing size of back shift/side shift/lower shift/adjustable chain to be bigger, stronger and easy to adapt, including support the load of large accessories.   

No fear of heat no matter how hard the work is

With the water-cooled system and larger 2-layers air filter, the engine runs continuously all day without the overheat condition breaking down the operation. 

Increasing thickness of tire layer

6 layers of front tire and 8 layers of back tire are increased in order to support the hard operation in everywhere and long-lasting operation durably.

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