• ViO55 (ViO55-6B) YANMAR EXCAVATOR Equipped with an electronically controlled engine and Eco-Mode for superior fuel economy and reduced overheating, quick coupler with easy attachment replacement, powerful cabin air-conditioning and zero tail-swing

The electronically controlled engine with isochronous control offers both superior fuel economy and power maintenance by automatically changing the timing and amount of the injection fuel.
Eco-mode and Auto Deceleration functions improve fuel consumption even further.
A hydraulic quick coupler helps reduce the time required to replace attachments, compared with a standard coupler. With a chassis further enhanced from ViO30/35, the excavator is equipped with SA-R (Yanmar Machinery Management System) to monitor engine operation and help prevent theft.
The cabin has a powerful air-conditioner which enables the excavator to achieve its full potential for long operation in the heat and dust of the harsh Thai environment.

World-leading cutting-edge machinery "Made in Japan"

ViO is a "Made in Japan" cutting-edge backhoe designed and manufactured in Japan by Yanmar for distribution to the world.
Its superior and robust performance comes from the fact that Yanmar develops both engines and hydraulic technology.