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YANMAR Technical Review


On the Inaugural Publication of YANMAR Technical Review

April 10, 2015

Welcome to the inaugural edition of YANMAR Technical Review.

On November 19, 2014 at our new headquarters, the YANMAR FLYING-Y BUILDING, we released our YF2112 conceptual plan. YF2112 looks ahead to our second centenary in 2112 and declares reaching ever greater heights by utilizing our technological expertise.

This means that our technology will be even more crucial to our business in the future.

YANMAR Technical Review is the showcase of our technology. We expect that the publication enhances the power of our brand by promoting the advanced technology of the Yanmar Group to customers through the technical articles or product profiles.

Yanmar’s research and development personnel continue to create advanced technologies. Nevertheless, customers' awareness of our technologies is not enough. I hope the presentation of in-depth technological information from the YANMAR Technical Review helps our customers overcome the problems they face.


Executive Managing Director, Yanmar Co., Ltd.

Hiroshi Kanda