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13e Yanmar Almere City Run 2024: a day of sport and unity

On Sunday, June 16th, the 13th edition of the Yanmar Almere City Run took place. Over 2,400 runners started across various distances on a beautiful course in and around Almere (The Netherlands). Despite the mixed weather conditions, the atmosphere was as joyful as ever. Yanmar is proud to be the title sponsor and promoter of various Yanmar teams connected to the event.

For years, the Almere City Run has been Almere’s biggest running event, made possible by the municipality, volunteers, and, of course, thousands of participants. Like the previous edition, Yanmar is the proud title sponsor of this beautiful running festival. In addition to being the event’s title sponsor, Yanmar also lends its name to the Yanmar Almere City Run 15 KM, the main event of the sportive morning in Almere.

Large Yanmar delegation

Just like last year, we had a large Yanmar tent on the Esplanade, where runners, family, and friends gathered before and after the run. A total of 45 runners, easily recognizable in their bright, white-and-red Yanmar shirts, participated across various teams and distances. Employees, family, friends, and children – all connected to Yanmar. Unlike previous years, the event took place in the morning, starting at 8:30 AM. By 12:15 PM, everyone had finished and could enjoy the rest of the weekend and Father’s Day with a big smile and due pride.

Impressive results

The teams and individual runners were well-prepared for the event, and although participating is more important than winning, their efforts were rewarded with impressive results:

Kids Run 1 KM: 3rd place
Business Run 10 KM: 3rd and 4th place
Business Run 15 KM: 2nd place
Individual Women’s 15 KM: 1st place

This year, Joel Pel, Digital Marketeer at Yanmar, made his running debut at the Yanmar Almere City Run:

My first-ever running event exceeded my expectations! The energy and support from everyone around pushed me to my limit. That’s what it’s all about – pushing yourself beyond your boundaries and growing stronger!

Moving towards a common goal

Participating in the Yanmar Almere City Run is a boost for physical well-being and brings a sense of unity and togetherness. It encourages people from diverse backgrounds and professions within our organisation to come together and share a common goal: staying active and celebrating a healthy lifestyle. This all happens in Almere, our city! Or, in the words of Samir Laoukili, president at Yanmar Europe:

At Yanmar, sport is in our DNA, and that is why we are happy to be a sponsor of the Yanmar Almere City Run. It is our way of giving something back to the Almere community, the city where many of our employees also live. The Yanmar Almere City Run is a great event that perfectly matches our values of dedication and sportsmanship. What once started as a small group of keen runners within Yanmar has now grown into a team of 45 enthusiastic runners – from kids and beginners to professionals – and the proud title sponsor we are today!

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Home News 13e Yanmar Almere City Run 2024: a day of sport and unity
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