Yanmar 5-Year Warranty.

Goodbye downtime.
Hello, 5‑Year warranty!

With a Yanmar engine inside your Compact Tractor, your business is unstoppable. And with our free of charge 5‑Year warranty (or 5,000 operating hours) we guarantee peace of mind and optimal continuity.

Yanmar Compact Tractor

High-Quality tractors that Prevent Downtime

No matter what sector you work in – construction, agriculture, industrial or power A Yanmar compact tractor is your partner for all groundcare activities. No matter the job – maintenance, cleaning or agriculture, at Yanmar Europe we know how important continuity is for your business.

That is why we only offer best in class compact tractors. Our tractors are built to the highest industry manufacturing standards to ensure maximum performance and minimum downtime.

It’s this exceptional quality that gives Yanmar the confidence to offer the longest free of charge warranty on the engine on the market. Not 2, 3 or 4 but a 5 year warranty! At no cost at all.

The 5 Main Benefits

Get access to our extended warranty and benefit from:
  1. Free of charge 5-Year warranty (or 5,000 hours)
  2. Highest quality standards
  3. Optimal peace of mind
  4. Covered costs for parts and labor
  5. Lower total cost of ownership & higher resale value

The 5 Main Conditions

Conditions that apply:
  1. Compact tractors sold from xx-xx-2022
  2. Register within one month from the date of delivery.
  3. Follow Yanmar’s instructions in the operation manual.
  4. Carry out all the maintenance and/or care specified or recommended by Yanmar.
  5. All (non-) scheduled maintenance/repairs must be performed by a Yanmar partner.
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What’s included
Yanmar warrants the tractor to be free from defects in material and workmanship. Tap a circle to see in detail which components are included in our free 5-year warranty.
What's included
The exter
All engine parts with standard 2-year warranty now have 5-year warranty.
The fuel equipment except for the injector is included in the 5-year warranty agreement.
Stage V
The 5-year warranty is also valid for our stage V common rail diesel engines.
Also all parts with standard 2-year warranty now have 5-year warranty.

Yanmar 5-Year Warranty Tractor FAQ’s

5-Year Warranty Reveal Video

What our Relations say about our 5-Year Warranty

John Day
5-Year warranty endorses YANMAR’s quality and commitment to the TN engines and provides the customer with the confidence of a sound investment.
John Day General Manager of Industrial Engines
at EP Barrus Limited

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5-Year Warranty News

YANMAR 5-Year Warranty:

  • 5 Years
  • 5,000 Operating Hours
  • Free of Charge
  • Online Registration
  • Warranty Certificate
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