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Yanmar introduces new SA222 (22HP) tractor and YM tractor series

Hannover, Germany, November 12, 2023 – At the 2023 Agritechnica exhibition in Hannover, Germany, Yanmar Europe will show a comprehensive line-up of its latest compact tractor series in Hall 7, Stand A02, introducing the new SA222 and YM3 series. Another novelty on display is a new and expansive selection of competitively priced agri implements. Moreover, there is unwavering attention to the unique 5-Year Warranty for Yanmar SA, YT2 and YT3 utility tractors. Developed in-house, Yanmar’s 5-Year Warranty sets a new benchmark for after-sales value of tractors in Europe.

Yanmar Introduces new SA222 Tractor
The new SA222 is another compact, yet capable addition to the Yanmar range of sub-compact tractors. It is available in four options: SA222 (22HP) and SA426 (26HP), both with ROPS and with cabin. While being the smallest in our lineup, this tractor is feature-packed: a spacious and well-appointed operator’s area, a fully adjustable suspension seat and foldable armrests for optimum comfort. This comfort is further enhanced by an isolation mounted engine and full-frame chassis that minimizes vibration in the operator area.

The Yanmar SA222 is powered by a fuel-efficient and emissions-compliant Yanmar engine developing 22HP at a rated 3,000 rpm to deliver a top speed of 14 km/h. Its hydrostatic transmission system offers high and low gearing with precise control over speed and power for enhanced performance and efficiency. Differential lock comes standard on this model, ensuring improved traction and control.

New YM3 Tractor Series provides unprecedented power and performance
Entirely designed in line with customers’ requirements for quality and price, the new YM3 tractor series comes in two new mechanical gear shift ROPS models – YM347 (35 kW / 47HP) and YM359 (43,9 kW / 60HP). The YM3 Series is ideally suited for orchards, landscaping and mid-sized farming thanks to its power, productivity, reliability, and compact width.

The powerful Yanmar Stage V compliant direct-injection common rail engine stands for reduced fuel consumption and lower running costs. The fully synchronized 12 x 12 mechanical transmission with creeper speed offers smooth gear shifting. The Yanmar-designed diesel particulate filter benefits from a long, 6,000-hour service interval.

New, versatile YTAGRI implement range with over 250 models across 12 categories
At Agritechnica, we present our expansive range of versatile Yanmar tractor implements under the YTAGRI trademark, which encompasses over 250 models across 12 distinct categories. These implements are competitively priced, with short lead times, not only designed for Yanmar tractors but also serving as valuable additions for other tractor brands. Each of our implements is CE certified, ensuring compliance with European market standards.

Dücker front mower implement mounted on Yanmar YT3 compact tractor series
At the exhibition we introduce a standout combination of a new front mower implement for the Yanmar YT3 series. This combination is distinctive in the market as the first 47HP or 60HP tractor to feature i-HMT (Vario) transmission combined with the front mower attachment. It ensures outstanding performance without compromising speed and power.

This innovative configuration, featuring the Dücker UNA 200 front mower with a 47HP or 60HP Yanmar tractor, is up to 35% more cost-effective than current market offerings, meeting the expectations of even the most demanding tractor owners. The engine’s high torque guarantees consistent and reliable performance.

MX loaders available for entire Yanmar compact tractor range
Another new configuration at Agritechnica is the introduction of a Yanmar YM359 tractor with an MX loader. The MX loader by M-extend, one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of tractor loaders, is now available as an implement for Yanmar’s entire compact tractor range.

Yanmar’s extended 5-Year Warranty (or 5,000 hours) was introduced by the end of 2022 and gained a lot of interest from tractor users across Europe. The new warranty applies to all SA, YT2 and YT3 utility tractors in the power range from 16 – 44 kW / 22-60HP at no extra cost. 60% of the Yanmar European network has already signed in and is actively selling Yanmar tractors with this unique warranty. The 5-Year Warranty underlines Yanmar’s confidence in the quality of its tractors and provides owners and operators with a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and optimal peace of mind.

Yanmar service kits with Yanmar Genuine Parts for each tractor model support the 5-Year Warranty. Manufactured in Japan and directly delivered from Europe, service kits offer a 10% cost advantage over the total of individual part prices and ensure a guaranteed warranty.

In addition to the all-inclusive service kits, a full range of Yanmar Genuine Parts and Fluids is separately available. Genuine Parts are manufactured in Japan and factory-tested for optimum safety, highest performance, and durability. All fluids – lubricants, grease and coolants – are readily available in various packaging sizes and easy to order.

To achieve optimal performance, we have optimized service intervals to occur at 50, 250, and 500 hours, or annually after 1 or 2 years, for tractors with less than 250 operating hours per year.

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