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Yanmar Delivers YV01 Smart Spraying Robot to France

Yanmar has announced that its new smart vineyard robot, the YV01, is now in full production and available for the champagne and wine market in France. With a suite of advanced technology, the spraying robot is fully autonomous. It relieves wine growers of labour-intensive work in vineyards and improves productivity, profitability, and safety. The vineyard robot will be sold and serviced by Yanmar Vineyard Solutions SAS, a dedicated, new Yanmar Group company in France.

Improved profitability and safety

The autonomous smart spraying robot was developed in close cooperation with premium winemakers and the CIVC, the organization that manages the production, distribution, and promotion of champagne, utilizing their many years of practical experience. After successful field testing with pilot customers in the Champagne region, the value of Yanmar’s spraying robot was clear: it improves profitability for the grower and safety for the operator.

At the same time, the robot was developed with an eye to the changing vineyard business landscape and will address current and future labour shortages in Europe while helping to manage compliance with ever stricter environmental requirements.

Remote precision operation in steep and narrow vineyards

The autonomous spraying robot easily navigates steep slopes and narrow vineyard alleys in all weather conditions. It utilizes advanced spraying technology to ensure that the aerosol droplets are accurately applied to vines, minimizing environmental impact. The compact and lightweight YV01 can navigate slopes of up to 45%, while its lightweight limits soil compaction even when driving in muddy conditions. The robot is easily transported on a small truck or trailer. In addition, the operator can remotely monitor the YV01 via a simple remote control, safely out of range of spraying fluids and with no risk to the operator from overturning.

Gamechanger for wine farmers

This kind of machine is a game-changer for the region’s wine growers,” said Yanmar Vineyard Solution’s Jean-Benoit Bourlon. “The YV01 will transform vineyard operations by easing workloads, reducing costs, and increasing both productivity and workplace safety. The YV01 robot is also much quieter than traditional spraying machines, a point that is highly appreciated by both the operators and their neighbours. Both large and small vineyards are set to benefit from the technology.”

New, dedicated Yanmar Group company in France

Established in Épernay, France, Yanmar Vineyard Solutions SAS is close to our customers, at the heart of the champagne and wine production region. The newly founded Yanmar Group company will be focusing on the:

  • Introduction of the YV01 smart spraying robot into the vineyard market
  • Sales, service, and support for autonomous vineyard operation
  • Rollout of a professional dealer network with existing and new dealers
  • Continuous development of technology and new features, e.g., weeding
  • Rollout to other wine areas in France and other European countries

YV01Technical Data

    Performance: Autonomous operation
    Weight: One ton
    Fuel: Gasoline
    Engine: air-cooled, 2-cylinder 4-stroke
    Power: 25,3 horsepower
    Fuel tank: 19 liters
    Speed: 4 km per hour
    Tank for spraying: 200 liters
    Slope: Up to 45%
    Lateral slope: Up to 20%


    On Thursday, March 2, 2023, there was the official launch of the YV01 Spraying Robot to the market. A selected group of customers and dealers were present, as well as some press. The event was a great success having the aim of explaining the features of Yanmar’s serial production spraying robot, ready to drive in the fields of the Champaign region. There are 14 units delivered, out of which 7 were already sold.

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