• Quick couplers

    Factory-fit solutions to maximise versatility

Our quick couplers for wheeled excavators are compact and intuitive. Allowing operators to quickly switch between attachments, they save both time and money. With multiple options to choose from, each using different combinations of pins and mounts, operators are guaranteed a robust, durable solution.

Quick couplers for wheeled excavators

Mechanical quick coupler

With Yanmar’s Mechanical Quick Coupler, attachments can be changed single-handedly. Featuring two-hand operation and two locking points for safety, its simple design offers maximum protection and excellent visibility from the cabin. Low maintenance requirements make the Mechanical Quick Coupler a highly cost-effective solution.

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Hydraulic quick coupler

Intuitive, instinctive and intelligent, it only takes a few seconds to switch attachments with a Yanmar Hydraulic Quick Coupler. With the touch of a button, operators can open and close couplers, all from the comfort of the excavator cab.

Compact design and durable fabrication makes the Yanmar Hydraulic Quick Coupler the long-lasting, cost-effective operator choice.

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