March 25, 2020
Yanmar Holdings Co., Ltd.

When it came to expanding his micro excavator fleet, Richard Scatchard, owner of RJS Building and Landscaping, invested in two of the latest models from Yanmar’s SV series. Since taking delivery, Richard has been delighted with the performance, reliability and versatility of both excavators and has experienced a significant increase in site productivity.

A fresh approach to productivity

Based in Bradford, Leeds, RJS Building and Landscaping provides a five-star service to customers across West Yorkshire and the surrounding areas. Whether re-turfing lawns, laying new patios, erecting fencing, building decking or constructing a water feature, Richard and his team will expertly manage the project from start to finish. With some customers demanding increasingly intensive work, RJS also operates a fleet of micro excavators to carry out the heavy digging jobs. With site access typically limited, these models are specified for their compact dimensions and efficient performance. Previously, Richard operated an 875kg JCB8008 CTS micro excavator, but has also rented a variety of different Kubota and Takeouchi models. Although the JCB was fit-for-purpose, Richard wanted to expand the fleet with a higher capacity model. He was recommended Yanmar’s SV series and therefore approached MTS Plant – Yanmar’s dedicated dealer for Yorkshire, Lancashire, Cheshire and both Scotland’s central belt and borders – for more information.

After talking with the MTS team and trialling a number of demo models, Richard selected a Yanmar SV16 mini excavator. Perfectly suited to urban areas, the class-leading model offers excellent performance, boasts an ultra-short sawing radius and features a number of innovative technologies to guarantee exceptional efficiencies. Capable of delivering well above its class, Richard can even rent the unit out to other businesses for landscaping, construction and other tasks. With a total width of just 980mm, the SV16 is easily transported by trailer from one worksite to another. A quiet and clean engine guarantees environmentally-friendly operation, while impressive reach, dig depth and power ensures excellent performance. Built for comfort, the cabin option features a heater, defroster, inside lighting and windscreen washing – the perfect owner/operator solution.

The comprehensive spec list meant that Richard didn’t need to opt for aftermarket additions, but did request an eye-catching custom livery to generate buzz and get his brand noticed when on site.

Expanding the fleet

Since taking delivery of the SV16, Richard has significantly increased his site efficiencies. He was so impressed with the model, in fact, that six months later he invested in a SV08 micro excavator to directly replace his JCB8008 CTS and further expand his fleet.

A whole new class of slim and compact convenience, the SV08 is a tenacious worker in narrow spots. The supremely compact body keeps rear overhang to just 305mm during turning at maximum width, while a minimum boom swing of 900mm and short rear swing radius of 725mm maximise space efficiency. Smaller, more efficient, smoother and more productive than its competitors, Richard was immediately drawn to the powerful micro excavator. Combined with the SV16, the SV08 has provided Richard with a comprehensive earthmoving line-up, with a selection of weight categories to handle any landscaping task.

Richard commented: “Both Yanmar machines are much easier to operate than anything I’ve used in the past. The SV08 can run rings around the JCB, while the SV16 delivers midi excavator performance in a mini excavator space envelope. “What really surprised me, however, was the power of Yanmar excavators. Both the SV08 and SV16 are compact and capable of operating in the smallest spaces yet deliver highly impressive performance. The reach on both models is excellent, which makes them perfect for trenching and flexible enough to perform any digging job we need them to.

“Both models really look the part too – they’re sharper, smarted and more modern than anything else on the market. What’s more, they’re more reliable too – innovative features like cylinder protection gives you the confidence that they won’t let you down, even when using them daily.” Sarah Black, Managing Director at MTS Plant, added: “We first met Richard at The Yorkshire show in 2018 and, since then, have worked in close partnership to supply a number of machines suitable for a wide range of landscaping tasks. We’re delighted that both models have helped to increase on-site efficiencies and exceed Richard’s expectations.

“The Yanmar brand is renowned globally for its reliability, build quality and progressive technology. This pioneering drive remains a key part of the Yanmar brand today, with its engines leading the way globally in terms of emissions and efficiency. We’d encourage anyone operating in the landscaping market to talk to us about the Yanmar range – Richard’s feedback speaks for itself!”

Over the next few months, Richard plans to further expand his hire fleet with either a 2 or 3-tonne model. Of course, it will certainly be a Yanmar!