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Company culture

With more than 30 nationalities under one roof, we are a truly international company, where we welcome and appreciate you for who you are and what you can contribute to our YANMAR family. 

We aim to create an inclusive workplace based on respect and equality, whether that regards gender, race, religion, background, or any other difference. An organization where everyone feels comfortable and where diversity provides opportunities for people rather than setting boundaries. 

But who can describe better how it is like to work with us than our own people? Scroll down and find out what fuels their joy in work.

Our culture

We strongly support an open working atmosphere where you will have plenty of room to share ideas, think out of the box, develop your individual potential, and build better team performance. You will notice that YANMAR people are passionate about the company, our products, and the corporate mission we all contribute to achieving a sustainable future for all. We love to go the extra mile for that. As individuals, but even more so as a team, where we help and empower each other to shine.

Our values

Efficiency, reliability, and innovation are the core values that reflect our products, but also inspire our people in their work. They are the foundation on which we find new opportunities to improve every day, strive for higher quality and learn from each other. Our objective is not so much to provide first-class products and services – for which YANMAR is recognized worldwide. Our objective is to provide first-class solutions with our products and service to overcome our customers’ problems and challenges today and in the future. That’s where our people, their values, and how they live their work make the difference.

Our benefits

We benefit from the many talents and multiple skills from people of all backgrounds, allowing us to stand out in what we achieve. Do you want to join us and give your best ? We are committed to do the same by giving you our best in return.

At YANMAR Europe you will find a fascinating job in an enthusiastic team with friendly colleagues, modern employment conditions with an attractive benefits package, and plenty of opportunities for personal and professional growth.

How do I see it?

Company culture
I really enjoy living and working in the Netherlands. The finances job is rewarding, and the friendly Dutch culture suits me perfectly.
Hajime Kuramitsu
Finance & Administration
Company culture
Our daily commitment to tractor excellence, within a multicultural company, makes every day a new challenge that opens up new opportunities.
Caine Kentrop
Company culture
I still remember my first sales meeting and remember I was thinking “this is a great place to work”.
Raheel Aziz Ur Rab
Power Products
Company culture
Yanmar is a very dynamic company, with great mix of different people and cultures.
Kim Mulder
Brand & Promotion
Company culture
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Company culture
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