The challenge to become an “ecological footprint-free, GHG-free corporation based on recycled resources.”

With the Yanmar Green Challenge 2050, Yanmar declares that it will become an environmentally burden-free and GHG-free company based on recyclable resources, further strengthening its activities to realize A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE.

We will take on three challenges under "Yanmar Green Challenge 2050".

  • Challenge 1

    Realize zero GHG emissions from corporate activities

    • Scope 1 & 2

      Zero GHG emissions from corporate activities

    • Scope 3-1 & 3-2A

      Zero GHG emissions from supply chains

    • Scope 3-2B

      Zero GHG emissions during use of sold products

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  • Challenge 2

    Realize zero environmental impact from corporate activities by circulating resources

    • Theme 1

      Zero waste that cannot be recycled or converted into valuable resources

    • Theme 2

      100% of product recycling rate

    • Theme 3

      Minimize usage of potable water

    • Theme 4

      Minimize use and emissions of environmentally hazardous substances

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  • Challenge 3

    Contribute to customers' negative GHG emission and resource circulation

    • Launch new businesses that promote negative GHG and resource circulation

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