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Portrait : Sylwia Keiner, Area Sales Manager Austria and Poland

March 8, 2022
Yanmar Compact Equipment EMEA

Discover the inspiring portrait of one of our collaborators: Sylwia Keiner, who has succeeded in making her mark in a profession that is still predominantly male.

Q. Can you introduce yourself in a few sentences?
A. My name is Sylwia Keiner, I was born and raised in Poland. Where I studied and complete my business administration studies. My son is now 15 years old and attends high school.
My studies very quickly inspired in me a great interest for the interplay and rules of international business. Which led me to the decision to do an internship abroad.
In order to improve my German language skills and thus to get the acceptance for the internship abroad, I visited the Goethe Language Institute in Schwäbisch Hall in the summer of 1999. I then succeeded in completing a 5-month internship in an international company in the financial sector.
After that I was looking for work experience in a manufacturing company and was able to do another internship in the export department at the company Schaeff.
This was ultimately my start in the construction machinery industry.
My interest and perseverance made it possible for me to acquire the experience and technical knowledge over the years and to successfully and quickly familiarize myself with my tasks.

Q. Could you tell us what your task is at Yanmar?
A. My task as Area Sales Manager is to support and develop the YANMAR dealer network in Poland and Austria.
In close cooperation with our dealers and customers, I look for solutions that will have a lasting positive impact on our business development.
I believe that listening to our customers, offering them solutions and acting in a way that creates added value for them is a key success factor.
With our machines, we help our customers to work more safely and efficiently. We offer a wide range of possibilities to support customers in different industries.

Q. What is something that you are especially proud of?
A. I am quite pleased that I have remained true to my approach, solution finding and working principles in this male-specific industry.
Especially in very stressful and challenging situations, it has been shown that empathy and a considered, reliable way of working guarantee stable success, but also a resilient basis of trust between "my" dealers/customers and me.

Q. What advice would you give to women, who are hesitant to enter the industry?
A. They should not hesitate, but simply trust in themselves and enter the industry! The necessary skills and competencies that are particularly in demand in the construction equipment industry can be learned by any technically interested and talented person, whether male or female!
These include strategic thinking, business acumen, understanding of customers and markets, and the ability to successfully drive change and make decisions.
The willingness to take on responsibility and be able to positively influence business development are then ideal prerequisites for a successful professional career.

Q. What message would you like to give to young women who are thinking about their careers ?
A. I can only say what has worked for me:
You have to have dreams and goals and sustainably try to realize them. Perseverance and patience are the key things that will help you through difficult times, which there always are within our work.

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