Type Zero Tail
Operating Weight 2665 kg
Width 1500 mm
Digging Depth 2490 - 2740 mm
  • Agriculture
  • Civil Engineering
  • Construction
  • Landscaping

This true zero tail swing machine allows safe rotation of the upper frame to maximise safety and productivity in restricted urban environments. Characterised by exceptional lifting and performance capabilities thanks to advanced hydraulics, the ViO26-6 is also a pleasure to use because of its ergonomic design, with Yanmar Full Protect to safeguard operators and those nearby. Even with attachments, total transport weight comes in at well under 3.5 tonnes, making it easy to transport by trailer.


Specifications ViO26-6
Weight Transport weight 2485 kg (canopy) / 2590 kg (cabin)
Operating Weight 2560 kg (canopy) / 2665 kg (cabin)
Engine Type 3TNV76-NBVA1
Fuel Diesel
Net Power 15.2 kW / 20.7 HP at 2500 rpm (±3%)
Gross Power 15.8 kW / 21.5 HP at 2500 rpm
Displacement 1.115 l
Max Torque 63.4 -69 at 1800 rpm (±100)
Starter 12 V – 1.4 kW
Battery 12 V – 45 Ah
Alternator 12 V – 40 A
Hydraulic System Maximum Pressure 206 bars
Working Pump Variable flow pump
Max Flow 75 l/min
Hydraulic Tank 25 l
Performance Travel speed 2.8 / 4.5 km/h
Rotation Speed 10 rpm
Digging Force (arm) 14.5 kN / 12.7 kN (with long arm)
Digging Force (bucket) 24.5 kN
Traction Force 22,2 kN
Noise level (2000/14/CE & 2005/88/CE) LWAG : 93 dBA ; LPAG : 81 dBA
Fuel Tank 30,4 l


Dimensions ViO26-6
A Overall length 4110 / 4120 * mm
B Overall height 2530 mm
C Overall width 1500 mm
D Length of track on ground 1587 mm
E Undercarriage length 2040 mm
F Lane 1250 mm
G Track width 250 mm
H Overall blade width 1500 mm
I Overall blade height 288 mm
J Blade distance 1390 mm
K Max. blade height above the ground 280 mm
L Max. lowering blade depth 350 mm
M Minimum ground clearance 320 mm
Dimensions ViO26-6
N Max. digging depth - Blade lifted 2490 / 2740 * mm
O Max. digging depth - Blade lowered 2690 / 2940 * mm
P Max. digging reach on ground 4340 / 4590 * mm
Q Max. digging reach 4460 / 4700 * mm
R Max vertical wall 1150 / 1290 * mm
S Max. dumping height 2830 / 2990 * mm
T Max. cutting height 3990 / 4140 * mm
U Boom swinging base to left 47°
V Boom swinging base to right 74°
W Arm length 1150 / 1400 * mm
X Minimum front swing radius 1950 / 1990 * mm
Y Minimum front swing radius with boom swing 1650 / 1680 * mm
Z Rear swing radius 750 / 825 ** mm

* with long arm / ** with additional counterweight



The ViO26-6 is a true zero tail swing mini-excavator that allows the safe rotation of the upper frame. Since its front part is designed not to protrude, the ViO26-6 has a very small radius of rotation. This results in greater safety both for the operator and the workers in the nearby environment as there is optimum all-round visibility, with blind spots reduced to an absolute minimum. Operators can therefore do their work with real peace of mind, especially when operating along walls and in urban settings where the space is very restricted.


With a transport weight of just 2590 kg and a super-compact lower frame, the ViO26-6 can be easily transported on a truck, along with its accessories. It can also be carried on any trailer that allows a total transportation weight that doesn’t exceed 3.5 tonnes. Separate anchor points for fast and secure fixing also add to the ease of transportation to new sites.


The ViO26-6 offers exceptional lifting capabilities and overall performance for a machine in its class. Its digging depth of 2490 mm (with extended arm) and its digging forces of 24.5 kN (bucket) and 14.5 kN (arm) combine to allow it to work quickly and efficiently even under the most demanding conditions. The 1500 mm width of its undercarriage, the use of a large counterweight and excellent weight distribution together mean that the ViO26-6 matches or even exceeds the stability of other machines in the same weight class.


The ViO26-6 is equipped with a flow sharing hydraulic system comprising a variable-flow piston pump and a load signalling and flow sharing distributor. Each section of the distributor has a pressure balance that delivers flow proportional to the operator’s demand and the available instantaneous flow ensures smooth and assured performance. An auxiliary line with on/off control can be used for breakers, augers or many other accessories. Options such as proportional control of the 3rd circuit and installation of a potentiometer are available for greater usage flexibility.


With an output of 15.8 kW at 2500 rpm, the advanced Yanmar engine is the result of our continuous efforts to achieve technological gains in fuel economy and lower emissions. In particular, improved fuel injection reduces emissions as well as noise. To further reduce fuel consumption, an auto-deceleration system lowers the engine speed to idle when the machine has not been used for four seconds, and then automatically reaccelerates as soon as necessary.


The cabin has been reimagined to meet Yanmar Universal Design standards and to reduce noise. It’s equipped with a comfortable and ergonomic suspension seat as standard, complete with adjustable controls. There’s plenty of legroom, with a flat floor to further aid comfort. All control levers are sensitive and precise, and ideally located for exceptional precision of movement. All commands can be operated through joystick or foot pedal. The result is less operator fatigue and greater productivity.


The cabin structure of the ViO26-6 has been designed to meet the requirements of ROPS certification, guaranteeing structural protection from rollovers, and Level 1 of FOPS certification, for protection from falling objects. In addition, Yanmar Full Protect technology ensures unique and complete protection of the machine’s boom and arm cylinders. All cylinder tubes and rods are protected by a highly elastic steel plate which significantly reduces the total cost of ownership of the machine.



  • Steel crawlers 250mm
  • Long arm (+250mm)
  • Proportionnal 3rd circuit
  • Proportional 3rd & 4th circuits with potentiometers
  • Clamshell bucket circuit (not compatible with 4th hydr. circuit)
  • Hydraulic quick hitch line 150 – 165 bar
  • Auto idle
  • Additional counterweight (+90 kg)
  • Standard biodegradable oil
  • 2 front LED working lights
  • 1 rear LED work light + 1 LED flashing rotary
  • 1 LED flashing rotary
  • Beacon light with magnetic base


  • Vinyl seat
  • Textile seat premium
  • Vinyl seat premium
  • Radio
  • Large travel pedals
  • Documentation box



  • 4 safety valves with welded ring on the bucket link
  • Lifting certificate (only for France)
  • Removable battery cut-off switch (steel)
  • Trackunit ME501 with GPS anti-theft device
  • Travel alarm
  • Special paint