Japanese National Soccer Team Player Takashi Inui Appointed “Yanmar Ambassador”

April 3, 2019
Yanmar Co., Ltd.

<Japanese National Soccer Team Player Takashi Inui>

Osaka, Japan (April 1, 2019)-Professional soccer player Takashi Inui, who represents Japan at the international level and who also plays for Deportivo Alavés in Spain’s La Liga, has been appointed a Yanmar Ambassador, a role in which he will support the branding activities of Yanmar Co., Ltd.

In addition to expanding its technology-focused business activities, Yanmar is working towards its Brand Statement of realizing "A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE" through support of education for the next generation and fostering cultural development. Yanmar is delighted to welcome as Yanmar Ambassadors those who share these sentiments and who desire to work together in partnership to achieve these goals. It was with this same ambition that in 2017, fellow professional soccer players Shinji Kagawa and Hiroshi Kiyotake were also appointed to this role.

Takashi is originally from Shiga Prefecture in Japan, which is also the birthplace of Yanmar's founder. After a successful stint of several seasons with Cerezo Osaka, Takashi went to Europe, where has been played for various European clubs since 2011. While competing against the world’s best with his European teams, Takashi has continued to push his football to new heights, exciting fans with his creativity and flair.

It is with this same motivation that Yanmar is expanding its marine pleasure business and sports sponsorship activities, with the aim of realizing a society filled with rich and fulfilling experiences. With Takashi and Yanmar both having roots in Shiga Prefecture, and having a shared desire to challenge on the global stage while delivering excitement to fans and customers alike, Takashi was the ideal choice to take on the role of "Yanmar Ambassador". As an ambassador, Takashi will participate in Yanmar-related events and appearing in company advertisements.

Moving forward, Yanmar will continue striving to share the joy and excitement that sport brings and will contribute to realizing "A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE" by working towards a society that is filled with rich and fulfilling experiences.

[Comment from Yanmar Ambassador Takashi Inui]

I'm honored to have been appointed as an ambassador for Yanmar Co., Ltd, and am looking forward to taking on new challenges together with the people at Yanmar who strive daily, to work towards a prosperous future. My hope is to go on enjoying playing soccer, and in doing so I will endeavor to play in a way that brings excitement to the children and other fans who come to watch me. Let's continue to challenge ourselves together!

<About Yanmar>

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