New engine improves trawler’s haul with 15%

November 16, 2020
Yanmar Europe B.V.

“15% more catch” said Mr. Emmanuel Cloirec after repowering his vessel Pasihae II with a 6 cylinder 6AYM-WST Yanmar high-speed engine producing 485kW @ 1900rpm.
Emmanuel catches langoustine along the French coast for posh French restaurants and is the first in the region to repower with Yanmar. It’s turned out to be a wise move. As well as better fuel economy and more power his haul of fish has actually improved by 15%, which he puts down to the new engine's stable RPM offering better net control.
The engine installation and maintenance have been done by our valuable service agent PIRIOU. The commissioning was performed by Mr. Roy Peters, Yanmar's service/test bench engineer from Large Engine Department. Roy looks back and comments:
" The maintenance has turned out to be easier than the previous engine too. He’s had the usual fluids and filters done, as well as a precautionary injector nozzle change, and he worked out the cost savings overall could pay for a holiday to the Philippines."
Many of Emmanuel’s fishing colleagues in the local area around Lorient have traditionally used Boudouin engines, so they’ve been really interested to hear about the Yanmar’s performance and his experience of the dealer.
He shares his positive experience of low fuel costs and easy maintenance with fellow fishermen. Every satisfied owner matters.

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