A Message from Shiori Nagata, president of Yanmar Marine International

We personally welcome you to the new world of Yanmar. For over 100 years, we have been inventive pioneers building the world's finest, most reliable and durable diesel engines. Today, we are visionaries, embarking on a bold, new path.

Leveraging the latest technologies, Yanmar Marine International is creating and building tomorrow's most innovative diesel marine engines, with the same level of quality and dependability that has earned your trust. Our connected, smart and environmentally responsible products demonstrate there are no limits to the future of marine propulsion. But this is only half of the equation.

Yanmar is more than a forward-looking engine company. Our mission is to provide sustainable solutions that enrich and improve people's lives. It is our commitment, our responsibility and our passion.

To achieve this vision, we are actively listening to the needs and desires of our customers, and delighting them with imaginative and groundbreaking integrated boat systems, at the heart of which is the Yanmar engine. The concept of a total system is the result Yanmar Marine International's building of a group of over 60 subsidiary and partner companies. Together, our goal is provide everything a boat owner needs, whether for sailboat, powerboat or commercial vessel use—each tested and proven in real-world conditions.

As we move into the next 100 years, Yanmar Marine International is poised to confidently lead boating with creating and adopting ever-new breakthroughs in technology and innovation. Whether quietly moving a sailboat out of a harbor, powering a twin-engine express cruiser, or robustly motoring a purse seiner through swells far offshore, you can place your trust in Yanmar.

We wish you many safe, enjoyable and happy days on the water.

Shiori Nagata