Aims of the Bio Innovation Center

Bio Innovation Center Kurashiki Laboratory
Location: 2302-2 Yanaihara, Funao-cho, Kurashiki, Okayama prefecture.
Land area: approx. 2.5 hectares

The Bio Innovation Center Kurashiki Laboratory was established in August 2016 in Kurashiki, Okayama prefecture. It is intended to accelerate the development of various solutions to achieve sustainable food production, by combining biotechnology with the technology and know-how that Yanmar has honed in tangible areas like agricultural machinery and energy equipment.

The laboratory actively works with other organizations outside the company to develop better solutions faster. Its activities are recognized as being highly valuable, leading to the laboratory to receive an encouragement award for development from the Japanese Society of Agricultural Informatics.

Three Key Areas of the Bio Innovation Center

Yanmar has a long history as a specialist in ag equipment and as a developer of tangibles the fields of transplanting, cultivation, breeding, harvesting, storage, and transportation. Yet, Yanmar's aspirations for sustainable food practices, when considering the bigger picture, highlights the need for further developments in intangibles and soft technologies.

The Bio Innovation Center Kurashiki Laboratory is progressively developing the technology required to achieve these new challenges, working in the following three key areas.

Key Areas

Research Center

At our research center we are applying artificial lighting and chemical analyses of hydroponics and soils within highly controlled environments to cultivate plants for the purpose of conducting research into plant life and their environments. Information gathered at our various centers is collated and used to optimize the advancements of our research.

Testing Center

At the testing center we are analyzing the environmental elements inside hothouses and utilizing the data to optimize cultivation environments. In this field we are able to fully exploit Yanmar's fluid dynamics and air control technologies, which we have refined throughout decades of engine development, and put it to use towards energy conversion technologies.

Verification Center

The focus of the center is to conduct empirical research in the hope of maximizing cultivation efficiency while minimizing the costs of cultivation based on detailed data obtained at our research and testing centers. Residues left over during cultivation and post harvest undergo microbial treatment for reuse as a soil modifier.

Promoting Open Innovation

The Bio Innovation Center Kurashiki Laboratory has adopted an open innovation structure for research and development in collaboration with outside venture companies, universities, and testing centers. It aims to realize the creation and commercialization of new technology by 2020.

Research and Development through Open Innovation