Advanced Concept Construction Equipment for Renovation Era Approaching in 2035 Contributing To Urban Development Where People Can Continue To Live With Peace Of Mind, Due To The Next-Generation Concept Of Construction Machinery That Pursues Safety And Effectiveness

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For 2035, both domestic and international demand for renovation is expected to grow. In Japan, it is expected that the renovation demand will increase in 2035 because houses which were built since the end of 1980s and the beginning of 1990s will be degraded by then. At the same time, there is concern over labor shortage because Japan's working population will be reduced by about 16% compared to the present*. This means that works currently done manually such as interior demolition and construction must be mechanized.

On the other hand, in Europe and the United States, the distribution share of used houses is larger than Japan, and the demand for work efficiency improvement in interior construction is said to be high. In addition, the population in the Southeast Asian countries is expected to increase. The demand for house construction and renovation is also said to rise and so it is essential to mechanize the work to meet such demands. Yanmar Group will develop the next-generation concept construction machine "Y-RENOVATOR" towards the arrival of such a renovation era and will promote efforts toward practical application.

Next-generation Concept Construction Machine

Next-Generation Concept Construction Machine, The Y-Renovator Supports Heavy Indoor Work Through Mechanization And Automation

Our next-generation concept construction machine Y-Renovator focuses on indoor work reform such as building construction, interior dismantling which we have done by hand until now. Thus we are looking at mechanization and automation in new markets, reducing work burden, improving work efficiency and simplifying post-processing of waste materials.

The Y-Renovator has been developed with two units, including a "Planner unit" and a "Sub unit" based on three common concepts: 1. A size which can fit into an elevator, 2. High versatility with interchangeable attachments, 3. Automatic operation.

Planner Unit: Reroofs ceilings/repapers the walls and carries out other delicate tasks whilst simultaneously controlling the Sub unit. Sub Unit: Handles tasks such as floor stripping, transporting materials and waste, and sorting materials by type.

THREE COMMON CONCEPTS. (1)A size which can fit into an elevator. (2)Superior versatility with interchangeable attachments. (3)Being capable of automatic operation.



The Planner unit can plan out the optimal construction procedure and visualize of the internal structure of the target construction via projection mapping. The hands on the Planner unit consists of four-fingered manipulators, which allow the unit to grip objects such as pipes. The main operating part is ball shaped. The manipulators close in when the ball is held and open up when the ball is released.



The Sub unit can be easily used for floor stripping by using the floor stripping attachment. With the use of resources in mind, the Sub unit has been designed to automatically sort waste materials by type, helping reduce the workload associated with sorting tasks. The feet of both the units are ball-shaped to allow movement in any direction without damaging the floor when applying torque. And like many insects, the feet have six toes.

From Our Employees
We Will Promote the Advancement in Analysis Technology and Utilization of AI, and Contribute to the Realization of the Y-Renovator


Masahiro Fukuda (right)
Development Division
Yanmar Construction Equipment

Being responsible for the structure and function of the machine that peels off, takes in and separates the flooring materials.

Kouto Inazumi (left)
Development Division
Yanmar Construction Equipment

In charge of investigation, planning and proposal such as population transition and world demand trends.

Based on the survey in the company considering the future image and the existing strength of Yanmar Construction Equipment Co., Ltd, 5 members were selected for the project Y-Renovator. In addition to the desire of members to create new products, we also built the foundation that helps realize the functionality to manufacture products. For our company, this is a new and challenging market which has a lot of issues. Despite this, we will continue to strive to implement our products into reality through efforts such as analyzing the internal structure of the constructed objects and propose the AI construction procedure.