In The Context Of The Global Food Imbalance, It Is Possible To Apply Technology And Know-How, Which We Accumulated From Manufacturing Tangible Products To Create A New Food Richness

Social Challenges Relating to Yanmar Industries / Values that Yanmar Can Provide
Related major SDGs goals: 2

Based on the many social issues related to food, Yanmar not only develops agricultural machinery, but also uses the accumulated technology and know-how for other areas related to food, expands business fields from producers to consumers and makes efforts to create new "food richness".

Promoting R&D activities at the Bio Innovation Center Kurashiki Laboratory, and joint development with other businesses and at the same time, making efforts to support producers through development and sale of high value-added foods. Moreover, we also offer a variety of places to connect producers and consumers, and propose new food cultures.

Yanmar's Strengths / Delivering New Value

Proposing Rich Dietary Proposal With New Food Ingredient Rice Gelée And Achieving Growing Use Of Rice And Supporting Producers

Rice gelee

Nowadays, the interest in gluten-free foods*1 which can be eaten safely even by people with wheat allergies, and safe foods that do not use additives is rising. Meanwhile, the demand of rice in the domestic market has been declining year by year due to changes in the food culture, and the management support for producers through the expansion of new uses of rice is a challenge.

Against this backdrop, the Yanmar Group has focused on the new food material "Rice Gel"*2 and become the first in the world realizing the continuous mass production of*3 "Rice gel". As a raw material for various foods such as bread, sweets, and noodles, it is expected to be a completely new food ingredient that can contains no additives and is gluten-free. It is also named "Rice gelée" to be consumer-friendly.

"Rice gelée" is manufactured by Rice Technology Kawachi, and sold through Yanmar Agri Innovation, a Yanmar group company. At the same time, processed foods using " Rice gelée" is also developed and sold on the website "". In addition, we collaborate with Chibo Holdings, which develops Okonomiyaki specialty stores "Chibo", and Ishiya Co., Ltd., which are well-known with the product "Shiroi Koibito", in developing and selling new foods.

Besides, High-Amylose Rice which is suitable for "Rice gelée" is a variety of rice with high yield and low cost. The Yanmar Group will support the management of producers from cultivation guidance to quality control for contracted farmers of High-Amylose Rice.

  • *1 Way of dinning and food so as not to ingest "gluten". "Gluten" is a protein having a mesh structure peculiar to grains. By kneading flour and water, the main components "gliadin" and "glutenin" are intertwined to form "gluten".
  • *2 New food materials developed by the National Agricultural Sciences Organization Food Research Institute, which are processed by cooking, stirring with high speed shearing of rice, so as to form a gel. (National Agriculture and Food Research Organization: Patent No.5840904, No.6010006 Permitted)
  • *3 In reference to the continuous mass production using direct GEL conversion technology of rice. As of November 2017, according to our own research.


1.Be able to easily to control taste, hardness and feeling when eating.

Since physical properties can be controlled by adjusting the amount of water, it is possible to offer from soft jelly-like state to high elastic rubber-like state, and it can be applied to various processed foods.

2.It has high water retentivity, which keeps it for a long time.

It is a significant feature that does not easily become hard even after a long period and it is difficult to separate water because of its high water retentivity. Maintaining the soft and spongy feeling.

3.Applicable to various foods.

By using new rice processing technology, High-Amylose Rice is made into a gel like rice grain, making it easier for secondary processing and making it possible to apply to various foods.


Yanmar Premium Marché is a foodstuff project that connects consumers who are seeking safe, secure and fine foodstuff with producers who are specialized in their cultivation methods and products. In addition to introducing to our consumers the lifestyles and food culture that they have never experienced before, we are attempting to cooperate with producers to create a new food solution business. Through Premium Marché, we aim to bolster Japan's primary industries, including agriculture and fishery, and to contribute to local revitalization.

Practical example

E-commerce Website:

This is an online shopping site where you can buy our specially selected rice and Yanmar original foods such as salad dressings and sauces and Rice Gelée. We are making efforts in presenting a novel food culture through telling stories about food materials or producers, introducing safe and secure foods and making recipes available to the public.

Premium Marché Osaka

On weekends, we open the employee cafeteria Premium Marché Osaka, located on the top floor of the Yanmar head office building, to the general public and offer our specially selected ingredients filled with their producers' love and care in the form of Ichijuu sansai (a plate with one soup and three dishes). We also offer menus such as Rice Gelée and original salad dressings and sauces, so that the customers can feel the love Yanmar has towards food.

Premium Marché Shop

Since July 2018, the open-air market which has been held on the third Saturday and Sunday of every month on the first floor of the Yanmar head office building has been relocated to the Premium Marché Osaka restaurant. After having a nice meal, being able to buy specially selected ingredients of that week at the restaurant is a concept being developed. The Yanmar original products are especially popular among the customers.

Practical example

Helping Maintain the Farmer's Business Stability Through the Brewer's Rice Solution Utilizing Our Unique Farming and Cultivation Support

Junmai Daiginjo liquor X01

Through the collaboration with Japanese sake producer Sawanotsuru, Yanmar developed Junmai Daiginjo liquor X01 using our original brewer's rice. This product is manufactured and sold at Sawanotsuru. Our Bio Innovation Center Kurashiki Laboratory and Nagoya University conducted research and developed a new brewer's rice substitute for Yamada Nishiki. Together with contracted farmers, the production of brewer's rice that was able to respond to the demand of Japanese sake.

By making the contract conditions for strains, area and price before sowing, we help in maintaining the farmers' business stability and establishing a stable supply for sake producers. By securing sales channels in advance, we can also solve issues such as inventory. In addition, by suggesting contracted farmers to convert their crop from rice for food into brewer's rice, we can utilize their paddy fields effectively, which also leads to an improvement of income.

Vegetables Grown at Our Group Companies are Made into Dressings and Sauces and Put on the Market

Original dressing sauce sold at Premium Marché Shop and on our E-commerce Website

Capitalizing on the many years of know-how and experience in agriculture, we have produced and put on the market our dressings and sauces, created from vegetables grown at Yanmar group companies and R&D labs. The onions in onion dressing sauce are cultivated from the Yanmar field of Yanmar Symbiosis located in Ritto City, Shiga prefecture. Here, as a special subsidiary company of Yanmar, people with disabilities work in good health.

Tomatoes and strawberries used for tomato dressing and strawberry sauce are produced from Kurashiki, Okayama prefecture. They are cultivated using automatic cultivation equipment in an air-conditioned special greenhouse. Here, we are aiming to harvest delicious crops steadily throughout the year, independent of climate and weather.

From Our Employees
Enrich Your Life with Food


Yoriko Miki
Premium Marché Group Manager, President's Office, Yanmar Co., Ltd.

Premium Marché, through the restaurant and goods-selling business, aims to attract consumers who want to enjoy fine food and experience richer food by providing them the opportunities to gain deeper knowledge about such food and come into actual contact with them. We also hope to help producers who are facing numerous challenges through creating new products, expanding sales channels and supporting successors, transforming all the primary industries into "the industries where producers can make money".

Every member of Yanmar constantly thinks about what the value that Yanmar offers to customers is, what the significance of our engagement in the Premium Marché's business is, and strives to make an effort with a strong sense of mission and excitement in our hearts.