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[Value provided by Yanmar Group]Product durability, reliability, and environmental performance developed by Yanmar over the years in the recreational marine sector, help customers overcome challenges and improve their corporate value

Yanmar has developed a variety of marine-related products such as main engines and auxiliary engines for large ships, yacht engines, fishing boats, and recreational boats. Marine engines require a high level of quality and environmental performance to operate at sea, and our engines are highly regarded in the market because of the durability, reliability and high level of efficiency that they offer. We leverage these strengths so that people around the world can enjoy marine sports.

In Europe and America, there are many regions where recreational marine activities such as yachting, fishing, cruising and scuba diving are deeply rooted in the culture. Our support in this area will not only broaden the horizon of recreational marine activities, in addition to raising our corporate value, but also lead to “a society that offers an exciting life filled with rich and fulfilling experiences.”

America's Cup

America's Cup is the highest level of competition for top sailors around the world. During the 35th race in 2018, we participated as the Official Marine Engine Partner, and expanded our support to all races in the 36th America's Cup to become the “official marine partner.” Recently, with the advancement and acceleration of technology, race boats competing in America's Cup require a power source that embodies high performance, reliability, and high durability, while considering environmental factors.

Our commercial marine engines will be mounted on the race management boats, and we plan to provide engines for other official boats as well. Through this, we will be able to showcase our outstanding technical capabilities and high profile in the marine engine industry, while further improving our know-how and technology.

Red Bull Foiling Generation

We support the foiling catamaran class competition, which is Red Bull's youth sailing training program. In addition to growing the sailing community by nurturing young sailors, we view this activity as education for the future generation, which is an important theme in our corporate philanthropy. The sponsorships provided by Red Bull to various sports activities around the globe are in line with both the values of Yanmar for supporting talent development and realizing “a society full of exciting experiences.” For this reason, we collaborate with Red Bull to support soccer as well.

Yanmar Racing

Since 2018, our own racing team has participated in International Dragon Class sailing competitions, which embrace tradition and prestige among sailing sports. At the competition held in Germany in July 2019, we won acclaim with a second-place finish, bringing excitement to the race. We plan to compete in six such events in 2019 including the aforementioned competition, while aiming to improve our annual ranking on the world stage. International Dragon Class competitions attract business people who flourish in society and have a love of sailing. By participating in these competitions, we strengthen our expertise in the marine field at the same time as increasing our fan base of our brand.

Sailors from Yanmar Racing Team

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Sail boats using wind in their sails are also equipped with engines for shore docking and as onboard power source. Because of its use out on sea, engines must be reliable and durable, and our diesel engines have earned a strong reputation in that respect. We are among the top companies in the world in terms of market share.

We have a high level of recognition in North America and Europe, and when people think of marine engines, they think of Yanmar. By providing seamless operation at the 36th America's Cup, we succeeded in preserving the marine environment where the marine sports took place, reflecting our efforts to raise Yanmar's brand value.