• VISION04 A Society That Offers an Exciting Life Filled with Rich and Fulfilling Experiences

VISION04 A Society That Offers an Exciting Life Filled with Rich and Fulfilling Experiences


Creating a world where work and leisure are enriching and enjoyable. We will continue to increase the quality of life for everyone.

Our Products, Services and Support for the VISION 04

Our Products, Services and Support for the VISION 04
Yanmar Museum

As a challenge museum with the concept of “Let’ s try! ‘Exciting Future’ Challenge!”
The museum fosters a challenging spirit in children through exciting experiences.

Fishing Boat “EX28C”
Fishing Boat “EX28C”

Equipped with various specifications, such as the largest fishing space for its class, a new type e-engine, and a comfortable quarter berth, the boat offers good fishing experience with accessories you will need.

Diesel Engines for Industrial Use
Personal Hovercraft “Wheeebo”

An entirely new type of recreational hovercraft with the concept that anyone can enjoy exciting new marine experiences. The circular board-craft, operated by a controller and body-weight balance, offers limitless possibilities for fun on the water.

Related SDGs


Contributing beyond Business Operations


Related SDGs

Through exciting experiences to foster the challenging
spirit in children, ensuring the spirit of tackling

Renovated Yanmar Museum

In addition to pursuing a range of business activities to achieve A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE, Yanmar Group is engaged in fostering the next generation beyond the framework of our businesses. As a pillar of the initiatives, Yanmar Museum located in Nagahama, Shiga, was renovated in October 2019.

With a new concept, "Let's try! 'Exciting Future' Challenge!" and embracing the challenging spirit of Magokichi Yamaoka, who successfully developed the world's first small diesel engine, the museum aims to nurture the same spirit in children through exciting experiences.

Incorporating elements of physical activities such as bouldering, obstacle courses, and soccer, the challenging attractions use cutting-edge video technology and a real excavator to operate, the Challenge Area offers the opportunity to experience the world through Yanmar's concept of A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE.

On its second floor, the Biotope on the Roof, which modeled after the natural environment of Lake Biwa, allows visitors to play games using tablet devices to identify waterside creatures. The facility also provides a foot bath heated with engine exhaust heat, so that visitors can feel the coexistence with nature closer to them. In addition, the restaurant, Premium Marché Biwako opened as part of our Premium Marché food project, providing a richer food experience through seasonal dishes made with local fresh ingredients, such as rice and vegetables.

Yanmar Museum
My Fish, My Ocean
ZAK ZAK! Power Excavator Challenge
The Biotope on the Roof
Customized Rice Balls Plate

Supporting education

In addition to the Challenge Area, Yanmar Museum also features the Exhibition Area showing the history of Yanmar, business projects and historical engine models explained through a digital timeline and graphic, as well as the Challenge Room to hold workshops and events.

Though the museum tours and workshops that had been held regularly was temporarily suspended due to the spread of COVID-19, we are determined to contribute to local education continuously.

In August 2020, the museum hosted a lecture titled "The Challenging Spirit to create our own future" for first grade students from Nagahama Hokusei High School. Museum General Manager Noboru Yamamoto gave a talk to around 200 students about the importance of taking on challenges.

Furthermore, over 4,000 students from about 90 schools mainly from Kansai area, visited and enjoyed the tour in 2020 (as of November 30).

On the other hand, in March 2020, the museum opened a webpage, "Ouchi Challenge"* (museum from home) on its website for school kids away from school and staying home during the COVID-19 pandemic to enjoy learning at home. We participated in this initiative that was a part of the project of Hokkaido Museum's "Ouchi Museum."

Providing the values of wonder and excitement through
marine-related businesses and sponsorship of marine sports

Yanmar Group is engaged in business related to marine recreation and sponsorship for marine sports in order to realize a society full of exciting and enriching experiences. To help our customers enjoy various activities such as fishing, cruising, marine sports and scuba diving, we pursue in providing the values of surprise and excitement through the development and sales of recreational boats, fishing boats and marine engines.

Contributing Through Business


Related SDGs

Developed a high-class fishing boat equipped
with a fuel-efficient and high-power engine to
secure a comfortable fishing space and quarter berth

Enjoying the excitement of fishing to the full on EX28C

Yanmar Marine System has started selling the EX28C fishing boat, which is equipped with an environmentally friendly high-power engine and has achieved a level of comfort with a full range of fishing accessories and smooth cruising.

The diesel engine installed is the 4LV250J, which has been highly evaluated internationally. A fuel-efficient and high-output engine that has cleared the environmental standard of the US EPA emission regulation Tier 3 by adopting a common rail that minimizes fuel consumption with electronically controlled fuel injection as well as high durability and maintainability.

The hull is a walk-around type with a hardtop placed in the center of the deck, and adopts the best styling and deck layout for fishing. By adopting a transom step with a spacious bow deck and aft deck, we have secured the largest fishing space in its class. The side deck (passage) also secures a bulwark height that allows you to move, so you can enjoy safe and comfortable fishing.

In addition, the cabin layout has become a space where you can enjoy cruising to the point with the quarter berth where 4 adults can sit comfortably and the good visibility. The bow berth, which you can use to sleep or as a storage, allows you to comfortably enjoy long fishing trips.

Exterior design of EX28C
* Top cover and belt cover are not included.
Cabin design