President's Message: To deliver new value that captures what Yanmar stands for, we are working toward providing solutions to the challenges faced by our customers and by society.

Creating innovations which meet the community's expectations and help our customers overcome challenges

Currently, there are many social issues that we face in our lives. In addition to frequent extreme weather and massive disasters due to global warming, there is an accumulation of challenges to be solved. These include increase in energy demand and imbalance between food supply and demand due to growing global population and economic advancement, as well as the maintenance and improvement of infrastructure as a result of greater urbanization. To solve these challenges, companies are expected to work with the international community to achieve these common goals outlined in “Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)” and the “Paris Agreement.”

We would like to take a closer look at the Yanmar brand statement, “A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE - Creating new value through technology.” We are committed to creating innovations using technology that meet the expectations of our community and help our customers overcome challenges in the fields of food production and harnessing power.

Realizing “A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE” will contribute to the achievement of SDG targets

Our vision for A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE is classified into four kinds of social aims: “an energy-saving society,” “a society where people can work and live with peace of mind,” “a society where people can enjoy safe and plentiful food,” and “a society that offers an exciting life filled with rich and fulfilling experiences”. Through research and development and other activities, we are committed to achieving these visions.

Our four aspirations for society are in line with the 17 goals and 169 targets of SDGs, and work towards the same goal. For example, efficient use of energy such as fuel and electricity, and utilizing renewable energy and unused energy are essential in an energy-saving society. Therefore we are engaged in the development and expansion of high efficient diesel engines for industrial use with lower fuel consumption. The projects include biogas micro cogeneration, biomass power generation and the construction of straight vegetable oil (SVO) power generation system. In this fashion, we are contributing to providing a stable supply of power and reduction of CO2 emissions.

In addition, Yanmar Group has announced its participation in the “Japan Climate Initiative” toward achieving a carbon-free society under the Paris Agreement. As stated in the “Yanmar Group Environment Vision 2030,” the company promotes effective use of energy and renewable energy, to take part in a range of environmental initiatives throughout the Group to achieve a 30% reduction in CO2 emissions intensity stemming from business activities (compared to FY2005).

Continued focus on providing solutions in international markets by promoting diversity

Yanmar Group's foreign sales ratio for FY2018 was 52.1%, calling for further globalization. Yanmar has been expanding business operations with a focus on international markets since the establishment of its first foreign subsidiary in Brazil in 1957. Just as we solved the issues faced by the Japanese emigrants of Brazil at the time by selling agricultural engines, we will continue to promptly solve the needs of customers around the world.

In addition, we are working to localize management and global talent development in overseas facilities. Embracing the concept of diversity and bringing together employees from various backgrounds while being respectful of different values will lead to the creation of new values and creative solutions, based on new ideas and concepts.

Creating “new value” though technology to enrich people's lives and protect nature

In “A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE”, we advocate the concept of “creating new value.” The concept of new varies depending on the individual, the environment, and the times, but Yanmar focuses on its technology to achieve a balance between “creating value for people” and “nature.”

What role does technology play in maintaining prosperity for both mankind and nature on a planet with limited resources? We provide a variety of technology, including power sources, robotics, smart farming, and energy management systems. One concept that is important to Yanmar in creating these types of technology is "excitement."

"Excitement" implies the happiness of our customers. Through Yanmar products, we deliver solutions to customers and make them happy, which then leads to excitement for each and every Yanmar employee.