Building a New Food Culture and a
Healthy Life Style with "Rice gelée"

Coming to you from the world of agriculture,
rice can be used in an ever increasing variety of different foods.

Rice gelée

Current changes in food culture mean that less rice is being consumed in the Japanese diet.
The resulting decline in domestic rice production has serious consequences for Japan's food self-sufficiency.
In order to break free from this situation, we at YANMAR have decided to pursue a new potential of rice with our "Rice gelée".
We have set our focus on this new food, and have developed an original technology for its mass production.

Rice gelée can be used as an ingredient in various foods such as bread, sweets, noodles, etc. Its use not only stimulates agriculture,
but also provides additional benefits in that it can be used as a substitute for certain food additives and allergen ingredients.

Our goal is to deliver delicious, healthy food to the entire world. By promoting the widespread use of Rice gelée,
we hope to build a new food culture and promote healthy lifestyles.

Providing solutions to food manufacturers with the Rice Gelée business

  • Bring rice to the dinner table with a new deliciousness and added benefits.
  • Stimulate domestic agriculture by expanding the consumption of rice.
  • Create a system for buying local and support efforts to promote regional producers.

Made from rice,
Rice gelée is safe and ready for the table

  • Rice gelée is healthy as it is gluten-free and low in calories.
  • Rice gelée is made with only water and rice, making it a great substitute for thickening agents and gelling agents for those who want to go additive free.
  • Rice gelée is to be recorded as 'rice' or 'rice gelatin' on ingredient labels.

The potential of food manufacturing
expands with Rice gelée.

From every day food items such as bread, sweets, okonomiyaki, stew, pasta, etc. that are made of mostly wheat flour, to specially made foods such as foods for the sick and diet foods, Rice gelée expands the potential of all kinds of food manufacturing.
Rice gelée is safe, reliable and healthy, and ready for a wide variety of applications.

Rice gelée is manufactured by RICE Technology KAWACHI Co.,Ltd. and marketed by YANMAR AGRI INNOVATION CO., LTD.

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