Emergency Use Generators

Emergency Use Generator

Emergency Use Generator function and benefits

The Yanmar AY Emergency Use Generator operates using diesel fuel to generate electricity for applications where it is critical that there is a supply of power even if mains power has failed. With its high reliability diesel engine and fast start up, the AY Generator can be depended on to supply backup power as and when required.

The AY series is available in 50Hz and 60Hz models with a range of voltage outputs to allow integration of the unit at high and low voltage points of the power supply system.

AY operation and key features

AY systems operate using diesel to power a high reliability Yanmar diesel engine that drives a synchronous electrical generator. This electrical generator is a compact brushless design featuring automatic output voltage regulation to compensate for load and temperature variations.

With a compact open-frame design the AY Generator is designed for indoor installation, and as a component of a backup power supply system it can be easily integrated with other building systems according to the local regulations for the application.

AY applications

Yanmar AY Emergency Use Generators are ideal to provide backup power for factories, schools, hospitals, hotels, backup power for lighting systems in tunnels etc., as well as backup power for critical communications equipment such as television or telephone systems.

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