Yanmar Releases the “EP800G” 800kW Gas Engine Cogeneration System

June 19, 2014
Yanmar Energy System Co., Ltd.

Yanmar Energy System announces its new 800kW gas engine cogeneration system “EP800G”, intended for use in Western Japan. Sales begin July 1.

The EP800G is based on the EP350G model released in 2003, with the 350kW 6-cylinder engine replaced with a new 12-cylinder engine. The entire development process was performed within the Yanmar Group, and the cogeneration system was introduced experimentally into Yanmar factories to test its various functions.

Included in the line-up are the EP370G (370kw) and EP700G (700kW), both for use in Eastern Japan, and the EP400G (400kW) for use in Western Japan. Along with the 5-35kW micro gas cogeneration system “CP Series”, Yanmar now offers a complete small-to-mid-class line-up.

The EP800G is well-suited for new installations and upgrades in hospitals, hotels, factories, office buildings, and district heating/cooling systems. Yanmar Energy Systems will continue to develop cogeneration systems to expand the line-up, providing solutions with added value and contributing to a more infrastructurally sound, environmentally sustainable society.

EP800G Product Features:

・The 800kW class achieves top levels of energy generation while maintaining low levels of nitrogen oxides.
Utilizing an enhanced version of the electronic engine control system from the EP350G, the 800kW class reaches energy efficiency levels of 41.2%. In addition, while increased combustion efficiency usually leads to increased nitrogen oxide emissions, the combustion mechanisms of the EP800G limits nitrogen oxide levels under 200ppm.

・Ease of installation
The power unit for the uncovered version of the EP800G can be separated into 3 sections, making it easy to install in pre-existing buildings. It also saves space by taking up less area than the installment of two units of the EP400 gas engine cogeneration systems (400kW) already available in the market*.

・Suitable for continuous or back-up use
As part of a business continuity plan, the EP800G is capable of independent operation and blackout starts, supplying a dependable source of electricity even during sudden blackouts.

Outdoor, covered version
Outdoor, covered version
Three-part power unit
Three-part power unit

*The power units for two 400kW gas engine cogeneration systems occupy 25.0m2 (covered version) and 22.0m2 (uncovered version). In comparison, the EP800G’s power unit occupies 17.9 m2 (covered version) and 13.1 m2 (uncovered version), decreasing the space required per kilowatt of energy generated by 28% and 41% respectively.

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