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Yanmar Receives Good Design Award 2016 for YT3 Series Tractor and the Yanmar Museum

September 29, 2016
Yanmar Co., Ltd.

Yanmar’s YT3 series tractor and the Yanmar Museum were both awarded in the Good Design Award 2016 by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion. Yanmar’s tractor was lauded as heralding a new direction for cutting edge agricultural machine design coupled with improved operability and performance. Furthermore, Yanmar Museum was highly commended for its stylish external appearance, implementation of natural green spaces, and sophisticated design of the entrance area.

About Award Designs

  • Product name: Yanmar YT3 series tractor
  • Product overview:
    Yanmar’s YT3 series tractor has revolutionized the face of agriculture in Japan. The tractor realizes carefully cultivated fields with superior operability and comfort for the farmer. The innovative design conveys a feeling of satisfaction to the proud owners.
    This product is supporting the next generation of farmers through improved efficiency and comfort that realizes dreams and brings a new level of pride to agriculture. The YT3 series tractor was selected for both the Good Design Best 100 Award and was nominated for the Good Design Grand Award.

  • Facility name: Yanmar Museum
  • Facility overview:
    Located in Shiga prefecture, Japan, the Yanmar Museum offers visitors an interactive experience that provides insights into initiatives surrounding food production and harnessing power through the utilization of agricultural and construction machinery. Designed to blend into the surrounding natural landscape of the Nagahama area, the design enables visitors to experience initiatives which are aimed towards creating a sustainable society through the use of recycled energy. Amongst these initiatives are a biotope which reflects the environmental conditions of the nearby Biwa Lake, and a foot spa which is heated using waste heat from engines which power the generators.
Good Design Award website:

Exhibitions of Nominated Designs

From September 29, designs nominated for the Grand Award will be on exhibition at Good Design Marunouchi in Marunouchi, Tokyo, Japan. The Good Design Exhibition 2016 will commence on October 28, exhibiting products selected from the Special Award and the Best 100 awards.

Good Design Grand Award Election 2016 (public ballot system to decide the grand award)

Dates: September 29 - October 23 from 11am to 8pm (JST).
Note: The venue will open every day except for October 2.
Venue:Good Design Marunouchi, Tokyo, JapanNote: The YT tractor which was nominated for the Grand Award will be on display from October 15-16.


Date: October 28 - November 3
Venue: Tokyo Midtown and Shibuya Hikarie, 8F, Tokyo, Japan

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