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Both high output and low fuel consumption.
A highly reliable Yanmar direct-injection diesel engine.

In addition to good combustion performance over a wide load range, it achieves class-leading high output and low fuel consumption. Demonstrate high performance with a margin. In addition, it is equipped with a large 800L fuel tank, enabling long cruising.

Using computer technology
Intensity analysis of major moving parts by 3D CAD
(Piston, connecting rod, crankshaft)

More advanced reliability and durability

Sufficient durability is ensured by adopting a high-rigidity cylinder block, large-diameter crankshaft, connecting rod, and specially treated cylinder liner designed by 3D CAD. In addition, it is equipped with a large-capacity new cooling water pump and new cooler that support high output.

Soundproof double structure

The conversation bounces
Achieves quiet and exhilarating driving.

Soundproof double structure

The floor is doubled and the hollow part is covered with sound absorbing material to reduce engine noise during running.
In addition, it is equipped with engine vibration isolation support and exhaust silencer, achieving best-in-class low noise.


Helm station

Deepen the joy of driving,
Comfortable operation feeling.

Three 10-inch class navigation instruments can be installed in the counter space and above the large locker. In addition, a radio can be installed on the overhead console. It is also equipped with a driver's seat with an armrest damper that is comfortable to sit on.

Driver's seat

Overhead console

Breaker panel

Control panel
*When the thruster (factory option) is installed

Intermittent wiper / window washer

A sophisticated hull that creates a ride that is one class higher.

Uniaxial inboard direct drive system

Achieves stable running with a well-balanced center of gravity.

New transom shape

Suppresses hump during acceleration and ensures good visibility.

Electric trim tab

The running posture can be adjusted optimally.