• INTERIOR Comfortable space, a relaxing time


Seats and tables with thick cushions are placed in a spacious space with a maximum ceiling height of 1840 mm. There is plenty of storage space for large lockers, etc. In addition, you can arrange it in a more comfortable space of your choice, such as installing long bench seats* and marine air conditioners*. *Factory option

Bow berth

The bow berth is wide enough for three adults to lie down and has good lighting. The sides and under the cushion can be used for storage. In addition, the spacious rest room with a ceiling height of 1770 mm is equipped with an electric marine toilet and sink. Women can also board the ship comfortably.

Cabin Interior

Navigator seat

Port passenger seat / table

Starboard passenger seat / table

Air intake

Side slide window

Roof rail


Room light

Bow Berth Interior


Rest room

Long shelf

Sea view window

Storage [under the berth cushion]

Storage [backrest]

Skylight hatch

Rest room entrance

Indirect lighting

Indirect lighting is used in the cabin and berth. In addition, you can optionally install footlights on the deck and in the cabin to illuminate your feet. LED type lights are used to save power. It enhances comfort and safety at night and produces a gentle light.


Analog meter


Rest room