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We support the entire food value chain from farm management planning to soil improvements, raising seedlings, transplanting, harvesting, and securing sales routes; this is the shift to a food value chain with agriculture as an attractive industry.



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Contributing to the efficiency of aquaculture by developing a system to count fish accurately.


As the world's fisheries and aquaculture production continues to increase in response to the growing demand, it has been an issue how to accurately count the farmed fish in the aquaculture industry. For example, bluefin tuna farmers count the number of young tunas visually on a video taken underwater, as they are required to report the exact number for global resource management. We tackle this major challenge to make the counting process more efficient.


In 2017, Yanmar Marine System launched a project to develop a digital fish counting system, responding to the feedback from aquaculture farmers who face the challenge of counting fish with their eyes.

The core technology for image recognition and processing was developed independently by our Research & Development Center, followed by a new integrated system that equipped with an original underwater camera and computer for image processing and other devices.

Since the digital fish counting system has the function of machine learning from video data, we have expanded the data set to stabilize the accuracy of image recognition in various conditions. Finally, we have achieved over 98% of accuracy under the expected conditions.

By adjusting camera angle and brightness, it is possible to count fish under near-optimal conditions even in an actual aquaculture farm. Designed for efficient and accurate counting, it notifies the status on the monitor when fish shadows are not clearly recognized, and also allows the operator to manually correct the automatically processed images.

In addition, the complete set of system equipment is transportable and able to work onsite, making it efficient to perform both counting and analysis.

Image on the digital fish counting system
Picture of the digital fish counting system


Through our products, we will continue to contribute to the efficient and sustainable development of aquaculture, and to help maintain marine resources including wild caught fish.



We developed a harvester for processing pumpkins that frees harvesting from manual labor.


Harvesting pumpkin is a hard work yet has not been mechanized. Most of the work is done by hand from separating the stems and leaves from pumpkins to storing them in steel containers. In addition, as the number of producers is aging, it became challenging to secure workers who can perform such hard labor, and the farming area and the amount of production are on the decline.


Processing pumpkins

Yanmar Agribusiness has jointly developed a tractor-pulling harvester for processing pumpkins which is available from September 2021 with Kunneppu Machinery.

The pumpkin harvester can pick up pumpkins that have been air-dried on the ridge with a conveyor and paddles, and transport and contain them without damaging. In addition, the rotating blades located at the end of the conveyor cut the stalks and leaves so that they do not get entangled in the harvester. Also, the tilt mechanism allows the angle of the steel container to be adjusted, which absorbs the shock to the pumpkins when they are stored in it, avoiding scratches and cracks. The work efficiency goes up to 3.5 times higher than that of manual work which is a great difference in workload.

In FY2021, The pumpkin harvester is available on trial use in the Hokkaido region.

Processing Pumpkin Harvester KYP-90
Processing Pumpkin Harvester KYP-90


By addressing the aging and declining number of producers, we can contribute to increasing the yield of high-quality products and improving the food self-sufficiency rate in Japan.