President's Message We strive to create new value, adopting to the changing times as One Yanmar.

Facing the Pandemic of COVID-19

I would like to express my sincere sympathy to those who have been infected and to all those who have been facing difficulties due to COVID-19 pandemic. I am grateful to all the essential workers and healthcare heroes who have been confronting this crisis on the front lines.

The Yanmar Group has been paying the utmost attention to the safety and health of its employees and their families, while working as one to continue its business operations. For us to do our part in community, we have teamed up with the local authorities to disinfect the streets with our tractors and generators in some cities.

While the pandemic has had a major impact on society, it has brought about a paradigm shift including accelerating digitalization. To overcome this pandemic together, all our group companies have reorganized the business structure and promoted online meeting and other digital tools.

Contributing to Solving Social Issues

While responding swiftly and flexibly to this pandemic time, we invest for medium- and long-term growth. With the brand statement, A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE -New Value Through Technology-, we promote businesses that can contribute to solve a wide range of social issues throughout the world, including the increase of energy demand, food shortages and climate change, aiming to realize a sustainable society. For example, in the marine-related business, demonstration tests are underway for the commercialization of a boat that employs a marine hydrogen fuel cell system in its powertrain. Through collaboration with dairy farmers, our energy system business has developed and introduced a biomass power generation system that effectively uses livestock waste as renewable energy to benefit the local environment. In addition to the examples above, we will continue our business activities that contribute to solving social issues and achieving SDGs adopted by the United Nations.

Also, in the midst of the global trend toward decarbonization, the Yanmar Group as a whole strives to realize a carbon-free society, aiming for the Carbon Neutrality in 2050 and the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets for 2030 set forth by the Japanese government.

A Customer Value Creation Company

In accordance with the paradigm shift in society, Yanmar aims to evolve from a manufacturing company to an issue-solving company and furthermore to a customer value creation company. In October 2020, the Yanmar Synergy Square has been newly opened as our global service base and our Remote Support Center is located to collect machine data and customer feedback there. The Remote Support Center has been taking an important role in connecting our customers and our group companies. While offering remote monitoring, failure prediction and remote technical support based on operational data, we analyze feedback and share with each of our businesses to provide better products and services to our customers. Furthermore, we are going to utilize big data and AI based analysis, so that we can provide services in a way that meets the needs of the times to avoid machine downtime, which has been our commitment since our foundation.

Not just manufacturing but identifying the issues our customers face with a broader perspective over the entire value chain, Yanmar is committed to providing products and services that solve them all. We will be a company that creates value by working together with our customers to solve their issues.

Respecting Individuality and Diversity

It is essential for a value creation company to have a workplace where employees respect their values and individualities and maximize their abilities. The Yanmar Group undertakes to develop the organizational structure where diverse employees are respected and encouraged to take on challenges to deliver new values to society.

As part of this effort, we established a new policy, the Diversity for Yanmar, last year. We will expand this policy to encourage employees with diverse backgrounds, values, and various ideas to choose their workstyles from remote work or flextime to play and fulfill an active role.

In order to realize a new kind of affluence which harmonizes human and nature, we need to be more flexible than ever in the changing times. While respecting individuality and diversity, the entire group will work together as One Yanmar to solve the issues of our customers and society and strive to offer new value.