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Yanmar's Construction Equipment Showroom Where the Past and Future Coexist

A Yanmar Construction Equipment showroom spread across spacious 240.96 square meters on the first floor of the head office was launched on March 16, 2018. The showroom brilliantly displays an amalgamation of the history of the construction equipment business unit as well as future concept models, making it a place for Yanmar to foster communication with our customers.

Experience the showroom in a 360-degree video hands-on!

  • Use mouse to navigate through the showroom in the video. (Swipe, when viewing on smartphones.)
  • To view on a smartphone, open the video via YouTube app.
  • To view on a smartphone, open the video via YouTube app.

IT robot dressed in Yanmar uniform, ready to greet the visitors!

The interacting IT robot and miniature Yanmar construction equipment models greet visitors at the front desk.

What's on Display?

See, touch, and get a hands-on experience of Yanmar's path-breaking history!
[Hands-on experience area where visitors can delve into activities of Yanmar Construction Equipment]

The nine-screen monitor at the front of the showroom plays Yanmar commercials and promotional videos.
Even the people passing by the company building can see this grand monitor display.

Promotional videos focusing on Yanmar products and technology

The visitors can sit down at leisure to have a look at the products and technology of Yanmar Construction Equipment.

Touch Panels to View Our Classic Commercials

Tap on the products displayed on the screen by the projector to see company or product history and products sold worldwide, and view past commercials, catalogs of the products, and the like on the spot.
Also, view our old but classic commercials filmed with famous actresses.

View the history of Yanmar Construction Equipment.

View the history of Yanmar's products. Tap on the products to view their catalog, commercials, and the like.

View the products being sold worldwide.

Live Factory Footage

Actual footage from the manufacturing plants live streamed on the monitors enables the visitors to enjoy the plant tour even when they have little time on their hand. View the live footage of welding lines, assembly, and inspection process.

Take Tour of Our Factories Around The World

Yanmar Construction Equipment Europe (Left: France)
Yammer Compact Germany (Right: Germany)
Watch video presentations on factories around the globe including Japan, France, and Germany, and take a simulated tour of Yanmar factories from various countries.

Factory Dioramas

The showroom also displays dioramas of the factories and their surroundings.
(Diorama scale: 1/750)

Check out our newest catalog while sitting at the open meeting space arranged behind the front desk. Also, take a look at the gallery wall featuring memories from the history of Yanmar Construction Equipment, including pictures of the company founder and our first excavator.

[Area displaying products with historic value]
These are the masterpieces that gave birth to compact construction equipment.

The walk-behind dozer and the mini excavator displayed at the showroom gave birth to the world's compact construction equipment.
The "Y9D" walk-behind dozer on display was manufactured in 1972. This model enabled work in Japan's characteristically narrow spaces, and contributed to solutions for challenges such as labor shortages and exploding labor costs. The mini excavator on display is the bestselling “YB1200SS” model manufactured in 1979 having all the functions of modern compact excavators, with total series sales of over ten thousand machines.

[Concept construction equipment display and simulator area]
Try Out What The Future Holds!

For creating new products and technology, Yanmar Construction Equipment is focusing on works including interior demolition of buildings that was previously done by hand, a part of the renovation demand set to expand around the world. The concept construction equipment on display depicts the future in 2035 in anticipation of mechanization and intelligent automation in new markets.

The concept construction equipment simulator lets visitors virtually operate the concept construction equipment, and experience interior demolition of a standard office space hands-on.

Using the "Leap Motion" technology that detects hand motion, visitors can experience realistic future work such as fuselage transport, room scanning, projection mapping, and issuing instructions to machinery hands-on.

A showroom full of hands-on experiences, that brings to life the history and
future of the construction equipment business unit.
Yanmar Construction Equipment will continue to develop construction
equipment and strive to deepen our bond with customers!

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