December 6th, 2017 | PRODUCT

Drive Like a King with the Unique "Vario" Transmission on the New YT3 Tractors

Over the last years, most engine manufacturers used all their resources to ensure compliance with the latest emissions rules, including Tier 3, Tier 4 and – soon – Stage 5. Not so at Yanmar. In fact, while we were busily ensuring that our equipment met the emissions dictates of governments and the fuel efficiency needs of our customers, we managed to create a new-style gearbox that represents a giant leap forward for the compact utility tractor sector.

Traditionally speaking, tractor customers in the compact 35 to 44 kW (47 to 59 HP) tractor range had three options for transmission: the old-fashioned mechanical shift; the powershift; and the hydrostatic transmission. Each has its benefits and operational advantages. However, knowing that tractors are required to work in various applications, constantly shifting ground conditions and with a plethora of implements and attachments, Yanmar developed a fourth transmission option to satisfy the true needs of the modern tractor customer and user.

"Vario" Integrated Hydro Mechanical Transmission (i-HMT)

This resulted in the "Vario" Integrated Hydro Mechanical Transmission (i-HMT) that is incorporated into the YT3 tractor range; the first time that such a driveline has been applied to a sub-50 HP (37 kW) tractor. The Vario (i-HMT) transmission provides smooth and step-less changes throughout the speed range, allowing operators to select the most appropriate speed and fuel efficiency range for every task, application or ground condition. It offers the higher operational comfort and up to 15% higher pulling force than any other variable transmission currently available on the small tractor market.

Stage 5-ready three years before the date

Integrated in the new YT3 tractor range with Stage-5 ready common rail diesel engines, the new models strike a balance between the need for high power/high performance and the desire for minimised emissions for the lowest possible environmental impact. In fact, the tractors are Stage 5-ready a full three years before the new, more stringent regulations are introduced.

Choice for the future

Another great benefit of the engine and transmission combination used in the YT3 family of tractors is the ease of operation in the most comfortable and safe working environment. The tractor operator drives like a king, as if driving a passenger car. The "automotive feel" is further emphasized by the new, sleek design by noted industrial Porsche and Ferrari designer Ken Okuyama. Add to that very low maintenance levels for a long, trouble-free working life, a broad range of front and rear-mounted implements, and a range of optional extras and it is clear that the YT3 tractor range cannot be but the operator’s choice for the future.

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