Home Greenline and YANMAR collaborate to maximize customers experience onboard

Greenline and YANMAR collaborate to maximize customers experience onboard

Greenline and YANMAR collaborate to maximize customers experience onboard

Inspired by a passion for responsible boating, the Greenline concept has pushed technological innovation to bring a range of well-designed yachts embracing environmental conscientiousness with personal well-being onboard.

The outstanding design of Greenline boats not only encourages relaxation and enjoyment with their ease of handling but also comfort with minimal noise disruption more akin to the peaceful experience onboard a sailing yacht.

Environmentally Conscious Values

As many of us embark on a more environmentally conscious journey in boating, companies such as Greenline work closely with YANMAR to assist in helping water users reduce their impact on the environment and minimize pollution of the water environment from exhaust, noise, or wake causes.

With their excellent styling and spacious bright design, Greenline Yachts bring the highest possible value for its customers and make each craft feel more like a home from home.

At home, we have grown more energy aware than ever, and so are now more mindful of the energy we use onboard, particularly when it comes to fossil fuels. The super displacement low-drag hull of Greenline’s craft uses much less energy to move through water, bolstering the efficiency of these yachts.

“One of the key factors that led us to opt for YANMAR engines is their exceptional reliability, says Greenline founder, Vladimir Zinchenko. Greenline yachts are renowned for their complexity, and we wanted to seamlessly connect the navigation system and engine control. YANMAR's vessel control system proved to be the perfect solution, making the integration process significantly easier and more enjoyable.
Another advantage is the extensive network of service points that YANMAR offers around the world, ensuring that our customers receive the support they need, regardless of their location. Presently, our Greenline yachts portfolio proudly incorporates the use of 4LV, 8LV, and 6LY engines, solidifying our trust in YANMAR's quality and performance.”

Founded in 2008 and made in the heart of Europe: Greenline Yachts are built in Slovenia, a country praised for its intact nature and sustainable mindset of its inhabitants.

With the introduction of the first hybrid boat in 2008, Greenline revolutionized the boating industry and ever since then, the brand has been a synonym for constant innovation in boatbuilding and design. Greenline’s vision is to continuously shape the future of responsible boating by being the most innovative and responsible boat brand in the world. The company’s mission is to constantly push the boundaries of what is technologically possible to make responsible boating attractive, easy, and affordable for customers. When designing and building their yachts, the main focus is maximizing a customer’s well-being on board.

Greenline Yachts aspire to achieve 100% emission-free boats. Taking pride in the progress they have made, with the introduction of electric propulsion systems across their range.

Explore The Solution Package


  • Compact, lightweight, and powerful engine
  • High torque on the low-end and over the power band, delivering leading acceleration and top end responsiveness
  • Custom YANMAR 6LY block is purpose-built for marine applications
  • 4th generation reliability for proven performance with cruising, racing and light commercial applications
  • Designed for efficient installation and refitting
VC20 Single


The VC20 is YANMAR’s 2nd generation vessel control system that controls all YANMAR electronically managed engines. Featuring simplified electrical management, a high-quality appearance, and significant functional improvements, the next generation YANMAR VC20 Vessel Control System integrates with YANMAR’s complete line up of common rail engine series, transmissions, controls, and displays.

The VC20 is a J1939 based CAN bus system that has a dedicated network to each engine and comes standard with an emergency back-up panel, ensuring the highest reliability. With NMEA connections built in, the VC20 can connect easily to multiple other vessel accessories or systems.

The system was completely developed by YANMAR to meet the company’s high standards of quality and dependability. The VC20 controls all YANMAR engine and transmission function and shows engine alarms and diagnostic codes in the display.

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Home Greenline and YANMAR collaborate to maximize customers experience onboard
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