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YANMAR introduces the E-Key to further unlock boating convenience

YANMAR Marine introduces the E-Key for wireless communication with VC20 Vessel Control System

YANMAR Marine International (YMI) has announced the launch of the YANMAR E-Key system, a cutting-edge solution designed for wireless unlocking of the YANMAR VC20 Vessel Control system, seamlessly integrating with electronically-controlled YANMAR Marine engines. This optional feature is poised to offer ease and simplicity for owners worldwide.

The YANMAR E-Key system comprises a sleek, lightweight tag, elegantly designed to sit within users’ personal key sets. Benefiting from a unique ID, this tag communicates wirelessly with the YANMAR Vessel Control System, activating it by simply pressing against the switch panel. Crafted for ease of use, this optional feature elevates boating experiences to new heights, ensuring every journey is as smooth as it is enjoyable.

Floris Lettinga, Director of Sales and Marketing at YANMAR, commented: “We are proud to introduce our new E-Key system, a testament to our commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions. With seamless integration and unparalleled convenience, this offering reaffirms our dedication to enhancing the boating experience for enthusiasts worldwide.”

Compatible with the latest versions of the VC20 Single or Dual Switch Panel, VC20 Helm ECU, and VC20 Display, the YANMAR E-Key system is versatile enough to accommodate multiple engine and station installations. With the capability to connect up to 10 different tags to each installation, users enjoy unparalleled flexibility tailored to their needs.

The VC20 system was completely developed by YANMAR to meet the company’s high standards of quality and dependability. It controls all YANMAR common rail engine and transmission functions and presents engine alarms and diagnostic codes in the display.

For further information or images, please contact the YANMAR team at McKenna Townsend by calling +44(0)1425 472330 or emailing yanmar@mckennatownsend.com

About YANMAR Marine International

YANMAR Marine International (YMI) is driven to create innovative, environmentally responsible marine propulsion solutions through the exploration and progression of advanced technologies. With sustainability at its heart, the YMI mission is to meet the evolving needs of its customers as a trusted partner, supplying cutting-edge products and systems which enhance our customers’ experiences.

The sustainable solutions from YMI are built to help customers take the next step on their journey to minimize their CO2 footprint, while fulfilling their appetite for life-affirming adventure on the water and requirements for onboard comfort. YMI continues to grow its network of service centers worldwide, providing quick and reliable support in over 130 countries.

Based in the Netherlands, YMI is incorporated within YANMAR’s global operations. With its beginnings in Osaka, Japan in 1912, YANMAR is driven by its founding mission to benefit mankind and by a pioneering spirit for world-leading technology across seven business domains on land and at sea.

YANMAR has continued to expand its range of products, services, and expertise to deliver total solutions as an engine and equipment manufacturer, providing small and large engines, agricultural machinery and facilities, construction equipment, energy systems, marine engines, machine tools, and components.


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Home Om YANMAR MARINE INTERNATIONAL Nyheter YANMAR introduces the E-Key to further unlock boating convenience
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