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Oyster Yachts Selects YANMAR as Their Propulsion Solution Provider

Oyster Yachts Selects YANMAR

Oyster, the renowned British luxury sailing yacht builder, maintains the highest standards in every aspect of its business, choosing the YANMAR sail drive solution for its benchmark Oyster 495, as well as the Oyster 565 and 595.

Heralding the ‘superb’ YANMAR engines as a ‘reliable friend’ that are quiet and fuel-efficient, Oyster endorses the quality and craftsmanship of the YANMAR 4JH110 engine, SD15 sail drive and VC20 control, and Flexofold propellers as the perfect match for its iconic yachts.

Watch Oyster Yachts’ Chief Commercial Officer Paul Adamson explain why YANMAR is its chosen partner here:

British luxury sailing yacht builder Oyster Yachts selects the YANMAR sail drive solution for its Oyster 495, 565 and 595 yachts, preferring the YANMAR engines due to their low noise, fuel efficiency, reliability and performance.

Oyster 495 owner Eddie Jordan, the former Formula One team owner and an experienced sailor, is a longstanding advocate for the ‘magical’ Oyster brand. Expecting only the best when out on the water, he hails the ‘super-efficient’ YANMAR engine in his dream yacht, number two boat, Tuga.

“Rob Humphreys and Oysters inhouse design team did a great job designing the 495. It is the baby of the Oyster fleet and for me, it is the little treasure. She’s a dream to sail, but when the wind drops the super-efficient YANMAR engine takes her to her happy place of 9 knots effortlessly. She is the jewel in the crown which Oyster hasn’t had for a little while and it is the perfect boat for young people to learn what it is like to go blue water sailing.”


Oyster Yachts are the world’s finest bluewater sailing yachts – life-changing, globe-conquering, award-winning adventure machines.

Since 1973, Oyster has built and supported extraordinary bluewater sailing yachts with a dedication to visionary design and build expertise. A thoroughbred British luxury sailing yachts builder, today we continue to push the envelope of yacht design and technology, creating liveaboard, versatile and adaptable luxury bluewater sailing yachts.  

Our DNA is rooted in over 20 million bluewater sailing miles and more than 90 circumnavigations. Over the last five decades, we have refined and finessed our sailing yachts to create boats that are capable of taking owners to the remotest corners of the world, in complete luxury, comfort and safety.  

By their nature our yachts are the ultimate hybrid, offering owners a platform to adventure and life-enhancing experiences. Developed by sailors for sailors, each Oyster displays a meticulous attention to detail and the outstanding skills of our British master craftsmen and women. Each yacht is well appointed, handcrafted with exceptional materials and equipment. We are committed to building something great, that nurtures the passion of the Oyster family in ways that are always beyond expectation.

For More Information on Oyster Yachts Visit oysteryachts.com

Explore The Solution Package

YANMAR Marine 4JH80/110 marine diesel engine


  • Specifically designed for sailing yachts over 50ft, super yacht tenders, small motor boats and light-duty commercial* vessels
  • Powerful low-end torque performance, delivering superior acceleration
  • Exceeds EPA Tier 3 and EU RCD Stage 2 emissions regulations
  • Measures exceptionally low for smoke, odor and noise emissions
  • Direct connectivity for plug-and-play integration
VC20 Single


The VC20 is YANMAR’s 2nd generation vessel control system that controls all YANMAR electronically managed engines. Featuring simplified electrical management, a high-quality appearance, and significant functional improvements, the next generation YANMAR VC20 Vessel Control System integrates with YANMAR’s complete line up of common rail engine series, transmissions, controls, and displays.

The VC20 is a J1939 based CAN bus system that has a dedicated network to each engine and comes standard with an emergency back-up panel, ensuring the highest reliability. With NMEA connections built in, the VC20 can connect easily to multiple other vessel accessories or systems.

The system was completely developed by YANMAR to meet the company’s high standards of quality and dependability. The VC20 controls all YANMAR engine and transmission function and shows engine alarms and diagnostic codes in the display.



The SD15 Saildrive by ZF is designed for use on sailing monohull yachts and catamarans up to 65 feet, enabling the owners of larger sailboats to experience the benefits of YANMAR’s proven range of saildrive solutions. Providing an exclusive combination of common rail and saildrive efficiency for vessels with higher power engines, YANMAR offers the SD15 Saildrive propulsion system with the 4JH80 and 4JH110 engine models. YANMAR’s electronically-controlled common rail engines pair seamlessly with the electric-controlled SD15 saildrive, ensuring clean installation and smooth operation. The SD15’s hydraulic shifting, combined with a recommended folding propeller, reduces noise and vibration, contributing to overall comfort onboard.

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Home Oyster Yachts Selects YANMAR as Their Propulsion Solution Provider
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