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YANMAR Signs First Official Partnership Agreement with Japan Sailing Federation

From left: Masuhiro Banba, President of the Japan Sailing Federation, and Tsutomu Murayama, Head of the Sports Business Office at Yanmar Holdings Co., Ltd. (As of 06May24)

Osaka, Japan (June 4, 2024) – YANMAR Holdings Co., Ltd. has signed an official partnership agreement with the Japan Sailing Federation (JSAF), a public interest incorporated foundation. This partnership supports JSAF’s comprehensive activities, including major sailing championships for junior and youth generations and marine environmental conservation efforts, to encourage the growth and challenges of the next generation of sailors.

At the YANMAR Group, the values of believing in people’s potential and supporting their challenges, which have been inherited since our founding, are called HANASAKA. This agreement aligns with JSAF’s efforts in organizing competitions for the next generation of sailors and environmental conservation activities, and it is considered one of our HANASAKA initiatives to support future challenges.

The first initiative under this agreement was to support the recently concluded ASAF Sailing Cup JSAF Enoshima Olympic Week 2024, an international event held May 23-26 and hosted by JSAF. Looking forward, YANMAR will continue to provide support in tournaments that feature junior and youth sailors such as the Junior Olympics, Japan Intercollegiate Championships and Inter-High School Championships that bring together students from all over Japan.

YANMAR aims to support individuals challenging themselves in various fields, such as marine sports, and to expand the HANASAKA activities, striving to realize a society filled with enriching and exciting experiences.

About the Japan Sailing Federation

The Japan Sailing Federation (JSAF) is affiliated with World Sailing (the international governing body for the sport of sailing) and represents yacht racing and sailing sports in Japan. JSAF collaborates with national sailing federations worldwide and oversees the operation and management of the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) in Japan. JSAF is also responsible for conducting safety research, organizing and supporting yacht races, certifying instructors, judges, and measurers, registering boats, negotiating with relevant domestic and international legal bodies, and promoting all activities related to sailing sports.


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Home Om YANMAR MARINE INTERNATIONAL Nyheter YANMAR Signs First Official Partnership Agreement with Japan Sailing Federation
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