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Yanmar Group is committed to solving customers' problems using the world's most advanced technology in the fields of food production and harnessing power. Our Mission Statement declares these elements to be essential to human life.
Practicing our Mission Statement is in fact the CSR of Yanmar Group and our brand statement “A Sustainable Future - New Value Through Technology”
It is indispensable in realizing the four visions of our brand statement.

An Energy-saving Society

Expanding the possibilities of energy. Using affordable and safe power, electricity, and heat, whenever necessary and only as much as necessary.

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A Society Where People Can Work and Live with Peace of Mind

Transforming harsh labor into comfortable work. Everyone can work comfortably and earn a steady income while living a rich life in harmony with nature.

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A Society Where People Can Enjoy Safe and Plentiful Food

Ensuring delicious, safe, and nutritious food, anywhere in the world, at any time. Everyone can live a healthier life.

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A Society That Offers an Exciting Life Filled with Rich and Fulfilling Experiences

Creating a world where work and leisure are enriching and enjoyable. We will continue to increase the quality of life for everyone.

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