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Osaka Nagai Park Management Project Launched to Enhance Appeal through Food, Sports, Art, and Learning

March 24, 2022
Yanmar Holdings Co., Ltd.

Nagai Park Main Entrance Square (artist’s impression of the completed project)

Osaka, Japan – March 15th, 2022 – Waku Waku Park Create Co., Ltd. (WPC), a group company of Yanmar Holdings Co., Ltd. has launched the Nagai Park Management Project to provide a space for healthy pursuits and exciting and enriching experiences, and will open a variety of facilities in stages by this summer.

The Yanmar Group has adopted “A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE” as its Brand Statement and aims to realize a more affluent society where people and nature coexist in harmony through technology. Under this concept, WPC, as the designated management company*1 of Nagai Park, will work together with J League football team Cerezo Osaka and the local community to create a new style of park management that can be enjoyed by children and adults of all ages.

The project aims to enhance the value of the urban park by holding events and creating a lively atmosphere through the effective use of existing facilities, with a focus on “food, sports, art, and learning”. In addition, new facilities such as futsal courts and restaurants operated by Yanmar itself, will be opened to provide new attractions.
In preparation for the 50th anniversary of the Nagai Botanical Gardens in 2024, the garden will be re-landscaped, and the soil improved, to show its botanical attractions in their best light ahead of the opening on April 1.

Nagai Park renewal concept

The concept for the park renewal centers around considering “being sustainable” as a fun, positive and stress-free exciting new spiritual richness.
Nagai Park, with its three stadiums, various sports facilities including a 2.8 km running circuit, and spacious botanical gardens, is well known as an urban park for people of all ages, both for locals and visitors. WPC aims to create a park that occupies a special place in the hearts of its visitors by connecting the “excitement” of today to the promise of tomorrow.

Introduction of technology in management and operation

The management of the park will incorporate the latest technology. Facilities will include a water purification system for the pond in the botanical garden, a bio-composter for processing food waste, and an energy management system linked to solar power generation and energy-saving devices. The park will contribute to the realization of the SDGs by adopting green power, which does not emit CO2, for the electricity used in the garden.

The pond incorporates a water purification system.
The bio-composter contributes to resource recycling.

Main initiatives

Yanmar operated restaurant.


  • A Yanmar-run restaurant that offers sustainability and exciting hospitality.
  • A café with cherry blossoms in the courtyard that offers a relaxing time and special home-roasted coffee.
  • A marché in the form of a grocery store where carefully selected vegetables from local and national markets are prepared and served in a kitchen.
Futsal court management office.


  • More than 100 sports classes and sporting events where people can “do, watch, and support”.
  • Establishment of a skateboard plaza in cooperation with local skateboarders (scheduled to open in late April)
  • Installation of a training course that incorporates the park’s trees allowing visitors to experience nature
Artist’s impression of TeamLab artwork.


  • A permanent exhibition of light art created by the art group “TeamLab” utilizing the nature of Nagai Botanical Garden.
  • An introduction to festivals throughout Japan and an exhibition of local foodstuffs and food culture.
  • Holding music and art events that make effective use of existing park facilities.
A place to try new food experiences.


  • The Nagai Botanical Garden is a community forest in an urban setting where children can experience and discover the diversity of nature and living things.
  • Provide a place for elementary, junior high, and high school students to learn through hands-on experiences in nature and sports competitions.
  • Establish a training facility where children can experience Osaka's food culture and agricultural work.

Sate your senses with the seasonal beauty of nature and light art in this exciting botanical garden

“Sowing seeds for the future, we are ready”.
This is the opening message of the Nagai Botanical Garden for its April 1st reopening. From this summer, a permanent exhibition of light art by the art group TeamLab will be held at night, and the garden will be open in two parts, day and night.

The garden’s soil will be reconditioned and the entire botanical garden will be re-landscaped. The scene will be one of lush vibrant greenery with buds and seasonal flowers in full bloom. Yanmar will work together with Willstage ( Japanese website:, a provider of water purification systems, to improve the water quality of the pond and create a place where people can experience the beauty of the waterscape. The community forest (Satoyama Hiroba) will provide an opportunity for children to interact with life and experience coexistence with nature. A waterfront walkway between the northeast and southwest entrances of the botanical garden, allows visitors to enjoy the greenery and water scenery from outside the garden.

(Nighttime) *To be opened summer 2022
Various light artworks by TeamLab will be permanently installed in the Nagai Botanical Garden, taking advantage of the garden’s natural setting. Visitors will be able to experience the stunning beauty of plants in a way that is completely different from the daytime botanical garden. (There will be an extra charge for the evening session. Details to be announced.)

Official Web page:


Name: Nagai Park / Nagai Botanical Garden
Location: Nagai Park, Higashisumiyoshi-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture
Park area: 65.7 ha

  • ※1Waku Waku Park Create has been designated management company of Nagai Park from April 2021 through to 2041.

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