Activities in Support of Today’s Youth

Since 1950, the Yamaoka Scholarship Foundation, with the support of Yanmar, has been nurturing and supporting the next generation. Since 2013, the foundation has been supporting junior high school students in South East Asia through its scholarship activities.

Currently, the Foundation supports families facing economic hardship in Thailand and Indonesia while also providing scholarships to the students.
On the 14th of December, 2016, as part of these scholarship activities, the Foundation awarded scholarships to 10 students from Than Phu Ying Chanthima Pheung Barami High School in Thailand.

The neighborhood this school is situated in is extremely poor with many families having to get by on less than 3 meals a day. The Yamaoka Foundation’s scholarship activities therefore have a special significance for the area.

Furthermore, last Autumn, the Yamaoka Foundation built a student dormitory in the suburbs of Bangkok. Operated by the locally established NPO, Yamaoka Hanasaka Academy, students busily go about their studies. Who knows what the future may hold? They may even find opportunities at the local Yanmar Group company: YANMAR S.P. or the cooperating partner, Bangkok Glass Co., Ltd.

Yanmar aims to support the dreams of today’s youth with its assistance activities, towards our goal of enriching people’s lives, for all our tomorrows.