January 11th, 2017 | A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE

The Research & Development Center Celebrates 60 Years of Yanmar Technology Development

Last year heralded 60 years since the establishment of Yanmar's Research & Development Center in Japan. Since its establishment, the Research & Development Center has operated as specialist center for the development of fundamental and applied technologies which form the backbone for Yanmar's products and services. We have taken this opportunity to provide a historical look at the achievements made at the institute thus far, its more recent research projects (more info can be found in Yanmar Technical Review) and its aspirations for the future.

Enhancing Fuel Efficiency with Engine Research

The first oil crisis, which erupted across the globe in October 1973, placed the issue of fuel efficiency at the forefront of all disciplines and fields; sparking intensified demands for better fuel consumption in diesel engines. Catalyzing the full-scale R&D at the time was the direct injection engine. Direct fuel injection requires optimization of the number and layout of fuel injector nozzle holes to achieve a uniform spray inside the combustion chamber. To develop direct injection technology, Yanmar made the original test apparatus and evaluation technologies for creating a swirl within the chamber, in addition to trying a range of different shapes for the chamber. This led to our small and medium-sized direct injection diesel engines and massive improvements in fuel efficiency. From this point, we have made continuing leaps forward with ongoing research into fuel efficiency to deliver top class highly efficient engines in all sizes and power output ranges.

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Electronic Control Unit Research Enhances Functionality & Operability in Farm Machinery

In September of 1981, Yanmar became the first in the industry to establish an independent department for mechatronics research. Mechatronics is a multi-disciplinary field of science that adds electronic technologies to mechanical products with the aim of developing high performance machinery. While mechatronics technology started out with improvements in accuracy of farming such as attitude control , research and development in the field quickly progressed, rapidly expanding its scope. In the tractor market Yanmar introduced a stream of new products equipped with high performance functions that were enabled by the new electronic control units. These included our "auto-rotary" which we rolled out in 1981 that offers automated control of tilling depths, in addition to our "UFO-matic" which keeps the tractor implements horizontal when working in rice paddy fields. With these new functions, work which had previously required an expert human eye when it comes to farming, could now be completed by the everyday person. In 1978, Yanmar claimed the spotlight in Japan and Taiwan markets with the launch of our TC2200; which enabled automatic detection of rice-planting rows alongside automated control of cutting heights and threshing depth.

The scope and application of mechatronics technology has since expanded beyond agriculture,now being used in transmissions, fuel injection control, marine vessel remote control devices, as well as new products in emerging disciplines.

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Furthermore, with our sights set on creating a global R&D network, we also established research institutes in areas outside of Japan.
In January 2007, Yanmar Kota Kinabalu R&D Center Sdn. Bhd. (YKRC) was established in Malaysia for pursuing research and development into biomass fuels and new energy sources.

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Several years later, in June of 2011, Yanmar R&D Europe S.R.L. (YRE) was established in Italy.
Focusing on mid-long term research in two fields of technological research - work machine implements and energy systems - YRE has joined its strengths with those of local universities, research institutes and corporations, further advancing research activities in the field.

Creating New Value for the Next 100 Years

In 2012, marking 100 years since its foundation, Yanmar commenced a range of new initiatives focused on delivering further value to society over the new 100 years. The Research & Development Center is amplifying its efforts to greater heights in order to create new technology that will realize the maximum prosperity using the minimum resources. Yanmar is dedicated to delivering solutions for needs of today and thereby enriching people’s lives for all our tomorrows.