Type Rotary Seeder
weight [kg] 212 - 250 kg


  • Maize
  • Bean

Applicable Tractor
Y2000SDU-3 / Y2000SDU-4 for YM351A / YM357A / EF514T


Labor saving in seeding work!
Multiple task in 1 step, Cultivation Make seed ridges
Seeding Fertilization Covering soil!
By finely tilling the soil with rotavator,
it prevents evaporation of water and encourages germination!

1. Rotary plowing, seeding, fertilization completed in one step!

2. Improve germination rate by keeping moisture in the soil and making optimum seeding bed.

3. The seeding depth is stable and uniform growth can be expected.

Labor saving system for seeding by YANMAR

  • Since the seeder is set to the rotavator of the tractor, seeding work can be done while cultivating even uncultivated land.
  • Seeding can be selected according to the conditions, flat seeding, trench seeding, ridge seeding.
  • Simultaneous working of tilling, groove cutting (ridge), seeding, fertilization and soil covering.

An increase in germination rate can be expected!

  • By grinding soil finely with rotavator, it is possible to keep the moisture and create a soil environment that will help germination.
  • With soil moisture, the rotavator cover can make the soil of flat and tight, making an optimum seeding floor.

Stable seeding according to conditions!

  • Groove cuts and ridges can be adjusted by the ridger, according to conditions.
    The seeding section maintains a stable seeding depth with two independent discs, and it creates uniform growth.

  • Adopt the perforated plate system to sow optimum amount of seeds spot-by-spot.
    Seeding pitch also adjustable by changing the sprocket.

Adaptable to any YANMAR tractor!

From 39 HP to 72 HP, the number of seeding rows can be selected by rotavator width. Seeding row pitch is adjustable.
Groove cut (ridge) depth is 15 to 20 cm and adaptable for various conditions.

Easy to check the seed and fertilizer

Transparent seed hopper, Fertilizer tank made of stainless steel

  • Amount of the remaining seed and fertilizer can be checked without opening the cover.
  • Amount of fertilizer can be fine adjusted by a lever.
    With highly accurate lateral fertilization, the initial growth is improved with less fertilizer.


Model Y2000SDU-3 Y2000SDU-4
Size 3 Row 4 Row
Working Depth (mm) 100 - 150 100 - 150
Work Speed (km/h) 4 4
Capacity of Seed Tank (kg) 7 kg x 3 7 kg x 4
Capacity of Fertilizer Tank (kg) 20 kg x 2 20 kg x 2
Fertilizer Consumption (kg/ha) 125 125
Planting Pitch (mm) 200 - 250 200 - 250
Interrow Space (mm) 600 - 700 600 - 700
Wight (kg) 212 250
Category SAE #1 SAE #1
House Power (HP) 35 - 60 55 - 75

* The design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice for product improvement.
* Operation efficiency is subject to the field conditions.