Type Rotary Tiller
weight [kg] 540 kg


  • Rice
  • Sugarcane
  • Cassava
  • Maize
  • Vegetables
  • Bean

Applicable Tractor


Soil Preparation before seeding with 4-speed change!
High durable and tough rotary for dry field!

1. Tilling, grinding the soil and leveling work at once!

2.“L blades” and “4-speed” can be cultivated finely!

3. High durability with tough design and strong rear cover!

Grinding the soil!

Adoption of “L blades” which emphasize finish for
dry field, the soil can be cultivated finely and
make optimum soil before seeding.

High durability!

High durability by gear drive and rear cover
with thickness steel. And 3 hanger rod have
high strength.

High accurate adjustment according to the soil condition

1. Choose the size of soil!

  • By rearranging the gears, the rotation of blade shaft can be adjusted to 4 stages from 190 to 269 rpm.
  • First tilling by 190 rpm and finer tilling by 269 rpm can be ideal soil condition before seeding.

2. Choose the finish (Flatness)!

  • Soil compression of the rear cover can be adjusted to 5 stages and finished to the desired condition according to the type of soil.
  • If you wish raising the work speed and coarser soil finish, can use by opening rear cover.

3. Adjust the working depth easily!

The tillage depth can be adjusted by 4-stage skid.


Model Y2200RHS,D
Transmission Gear Chamber Multi-speed
Width x Length x Height (mm x mm x mm) 2464 x 921 x 1180
Weight (kg) 540
Width of Area Work (mm) 2246
Type of Brade L
Quality of Brade Left (pieces) 27
Right (pieces) 27
Speed (Brade Axle) / PTO Axle (190,214,240,269) /540
Working Speed (km/hr) 2 - 5
Category SAE #2
For use Dry field
Horse Power (PS) 70 - 95

* The design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice for product improvement.
* Operation efficiency is subject to the field conditions.