Type Sugarcane Planter
weight [kg] 590 kg

Applicable Tractor
Y2250SPK for YM351A / YM357A / EF514T


Labor saving of Sugarcane planting work!
Multiple task in 1 step, Grooving → Seedling → cutting → Planting → Fertilizing → Covering soil → Soil compression!

1. Improve efficiency by machine transplant!
2. Easy planting by only supplying long sugarcane stems!
3. From shallow to deep planting according to the field!

Save time and save labor!

Only put the long stems into chopping cutter inlet while sitting.
Stems are cut to more than 30 cm.

The planting depth is stable and good budding can be expected.

Planting in a large area at an appropriate time.
Good early growth and yield improvement can be expected.

Compact size which can be transplanted by 50 horsepower tractor

Stable planting depth from 20 to 25 cm.
Since planting, fertilization, covering soil and soil compression are done at the same time, large area work can be done properly.

Stable planting!

The amount of covered soil can be adjusted by changing the front, back, height and angle of the covering disc.

For soil compression, roller pressure can be easily adjusted by the spring length.

High durability!

Chopping cutter
The quenched blade is excellent in durability and a clean cut continues long.

Fertilizer tank

  • The fertilizer tank is made of rust-resistant stainless steel.
  • Since fertilization is applied near to the planted stem, there is no waste of fertilizer and it is excellent in initial growth.


Model Y2250SPK
Quantity of Row 2
Row Distant (mm) 200 - 250
Planting Depth (mm) 200 - 250
Fertilizer Tank Material Stainless
Capacity 50 kg x 1
Cutting Sugarcane Length (mm) ≥300
Work Speed (Reference) (km/h) 3 - 3.4
Weight (kg) 590
Category SAE #1
Horse Power (HP) 45 - 60

* The design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice for product improvement.
* Operation efficiency is subject to the field conditions.