• PRODUCT CONCEPT Combining Environmental Performance with Increased Life Cycle Value Yanmar marine engines are trusted by customers around the world to power their vessels. There are three promises which we make to our customers, wherever you are in the world: Firstly, to respond rapidly to changing environmental regulations. Secondly, to enhance life cycle value by delivering high-output coupled with low fuel consumption. Thirdly, to provide reliable technology that realizes safety navigation. By anticipating every need of our customers right from the vessel design phase, we can offer engines which are best matched to your vessel and applications.

Product Lineup

At Yanmar, we strive to reduce environmental impact while producing engines which deliver high-output and low fuel consumption.
We also reflect the wishes of our customers in our engine design, right from the planning concept phase.
Furthermore, from the early stages of product development, we conduct repeated verification testing which allows us to ensure the quality of our products.

Diesel Engines

Yanmar diesel engines deliver reliable performance while supporting safe and economical operations.
Thanks to our advanced research and development, we manufacture a variety of high-quality products which, in addition to providing high-output and low fuel consumption, are also clean, reliable, and exceptionally durable.

Dual Fuel Engines

Yanmar dual fuel engines use both diesel fuel and gas fuel, allowing them to comply with IMO Tier 3 regulations and all SOx marine regulations. These engines feature a unique control system which ensures a high degree of safety and redundancy, even for single-engine-single-shaft applications.
In addition, they can operate with no output restrictions on natural gas available around the world.

Advanced Technology

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