Technical Service

We manage each engine’s performance and service history by its serial number. The information is shared throughout the world with our service bases.
We aim to provide the best service to our clients from the nearest service base by leveraging on the global network.


In order to deliver assurance and to meet our clients’ expectations, our engineers conduct confirmatory checks on the installation condition and test runs during the construction of new ships and retrofitting of engines. We implement technical service solutions for the best performance of the final product, and educate our clients on appropriate usage instructions.


2. Periodical Inspection & Maintenance

本Our engineers will suggest the very best maintenance plan before the intermediate, annual or special survey.
As an engine manufacturer, we can also dispatch a supervisor to conduct a proper assessment and evaluation during maintenance upon requests.
We will collaborate with Parts Supply Center and Engine Production Plants when unexpected replacement of parts is needed.


3. Emergency Actions

YANMAR global network can send engineers right away to your ship to resolve issues.


4. Diagnosis & Analysis

Our extensive know-hows and advanced analytical technologies allow our engineers to accurately diagnose the engine condition and render assistance to the problems our clients face.
Past cases include analysis or investigation on temperature anomaly of exhaust gas, increased consumption of lubricating oil and fuel, and marine accessory/parts conditions, etc.


5. Technical Seminar

We conduct local seminars for operation and maintenance using main parts such as air motors and turbochargers.

Technical seminar

Maintenance seminar

Marine gear seminar


Governor Cut-model

Air Starter Cut-model