This service is for reconditioning the parts which has been out of standard value by wear down, and so on.

1.Laser Cladding

Method of depositing a metal powder material that is melted and consolidated by gas-sealed laser beam.


  • Environment Friendly
  • Minimal Distortion
  • Strong Metallurgical Bonding
  • Erosion & Corrosion Resistant
  • Control Thickness Easily
  • Shorter Delivery time


  • Piston Ring Groove(Piston Dia : up to 420mm)
  • Shaft
  • Worn out Surfaces /cavitated /eroded /corroded

2.Reconditioning of Other Parts

1.Connecting Rod

In order to prevent excessive deformation of the connecting rod, we propose reconditioning of the connecting rod as a part of preventive maintenance.

【A】Big End

With an engine running for long hours, the big end is distorted in the circularity.

【B】Bolt Seating Surface

The scratched seating surface may cause difficulty to manage the tightening torque. It will cause improper tightening. The scratched seating surface should be corrected by machining. It is necessary to be judged by us if it can be continued to use or not after correcting.

【C】Serration Portion

Many of the cracks occur in the dedendum of serration near the bolt hole on the side of connecting rod body (upper side). YANMAR judges if the part can be used continuously after repairing.

2.Cylinder Liner

With long hours' operation of engine, LO consumption tends to increase because LO retentivity decreases due to uneven wear generated on the inner surface of liner and the reduction of honing patterns.
By performing the re-honing, LO retentivity recovers and LO consumption improves.
We offer inspection to detect cracks through Color Check (dye penetrant test), magnetic particle inspection or combination with other test methods.

3.Idle Gear

If the gear bush has worn excessively, the gear backlash will grow, which needs replacement of the bush.
We hone the idle gear bush insert hole securely when replacing the bush, and conduct magnetic particle inspection for the gear tooth surface as well. (YANMAR judges if the part can be used continuously after repairing.)

4.Integrated Fuel Injection Pump

We suggest that periodic overhauling of the fuel injection pump be securely performed. We determine the parts that should be renewed by considering the running hours and the inside conditions when disassembling.
We deliver the integrated fuel injection pump after performing the check and adjustment with the dedicated test apparatus subsequent to the completion of the maintenance.

Disassembly of the Pump

Injection Pressure Test

Injection Quantity Test

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