Gas-Engine Generators - EGG-series

Using robust Yanmar engine technology, EGG-series gas engine generators offer a long service interval and long life. The versatile design allows optional functions to be added to the same self-contained package. This robust and versatile system can reduce both initial costs and subsequent running costs in a whole range of applications.

Yanmar EGG-series gas engine generators features:

  • Robust design with long life (30,0000 hours)
  • Economical performance with long service interval (10,000 hours)
  • Versatile base design that can adapted for a wide range of applications

Y-EGG19A1, Y-EGG23A1

Model EGG Models
Alternator Continuous output [kVA/ kW] 23.5 / 18.8 28.0 / 25.9
Voltage [V] 400 AC
Frequency [Hz] 50 60
Current (prime) [A] 34.0 AC 40.5 AC
Phases / wires 3 phase / 4 wire
Rated revolution [Min-1] 1500
Number of poles 4
Power factor 0.8
Excitation system Brushless self excitation system
Voltage regulation system AVR
Voltage regulation [%] ±1.5 (power factor =1.0 at 100% load)
Voltage adjustable range [%] ±5.0 or more
Frequency regulation [%] 5.0 or less
Waveform distortion [%] 10 or less (no load)
Protection category IP23
Insulation class F
Fuel gas Heating value LHV (gas type) [Kcal/Nm3] 8500 to 9556 (natural gas)
Supply pressure for fuel gas [kPA] 0.98 to 2.45 1.47 to 2.45
Gas engine Engine type Yanmar water cooled 4-stroke gas engine (spark ignition)
Specified engine lubricant Yanmar genuine GHP oil
Cooling system Radiator cooling with directly driven fan
Specified engine coolant Yanmar genuine long life coolant
Electrical system Interface signal connections (input / output) 5 terminals / 2 terminals
Communication interface RS485
Battery and charger *** not supplied TBD*** 12V-40Ah for 10hours (for control)
12V-100A for 10 hours (for starter)
Starter motor capacity (((here on engine))) [V-kW] 12 – 2.3
Control box Ignition unit, governor unit, control unit,
power unit, operation circuit board
Unit dimensions Length / width / height1) [mm] 1550 / 980 / 1250
Weight Dry weight [kg] 765


1) dimensions excluding connectors and other protrusions

Availability depends on local regulations.
Specifications maybe subject to change without notice.

EGG Gas-engine Generator Unit Configuration and Major Dimensions

Y-EGG19A1, Y-EGG23A1

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