Cooperation with Industry, Government and Academia

The Yanmar Group tackles issues in the fields of food production and harnessing power, which are crucial for life. To resolve these issues, it is important that we not only act alone, but also involve various stakeholders in the fields of industry, government, and academia. Here we will introduce some of the more important examples of collaborative initiatives we have been undertaking in recent years.

A facility for collaborative research in the field of agriculture established in Indonesia


Yanmar has established a facility for conducting agricultural research in Indonesia. The facility is similar to one established in 2013 in Vietnam. As is the case in Vietnam, it will perform surveys of agriculture and social conditions in Indonesia, and explore ways of meeting the needs of local farmers and improving their living standards. The facility will also be working in partnership with Bogor Agricultural University, which is regarded as Indonesia's preeminent educational institution in the field of agriculture and plays a central role in conducting research and developing human resources in the field. Specifically, the facility will conduct surveys and make proposals for mechanization in order to solve problems that the government there has committed itself to tackling.