• Transforming CS:Providing year-round support to our global customers

With the aim of further enhancing customer satisfaction, in April 2015 we launched operations at the Yanmar Remote Support Center, which employs ICT to deliver next-generation services.
Covering all the Yanmar Group's businesses, the center remotely monitors customers' products 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Not only is it working to deal with machine faults swiftly and prevent theft, it is also providing an advanced preventative maintenance service that employs information collected on a day-to-day basis from all our customers. In this way, the center will endeavor to provide service so that customers never have to stop working.

Yanmar Remote Support Center:
Utilizing ICT to deliver a next-generation service

The Yanmar Remote Support Center constitutes an evolution of the functions of the Remote Monitoring Center operated by Yanmar Energy System. We established it in order to expand service coverage to include all businesses and thereby provide customers with comprehensive support.

Yanmar had previously developed three remote monitoring systems: “RESS,” which monitors regular power generators , GHP air conditioning systems and other energy systems, “SHIPS SUPPORTER,” which assists with the operation of ship engines from the land, and “SmartAssist,” which gathers and utilizes information on the operation and condition of agricultural and construction machinery.

At the Yanmar Remote Support Center, these systems have been centralized in a single location. By utilizing the know-how we have gained through the operation of each system, we intend to move steadily and speedily to develop new services that precisely meet the needs of customers, build an optimal infrastructure, predict faults through the use of big data, and so on.

From our executives
Providing a level of service that is one step ahead through 24-hour remote monitoring and information collection

F. Kobayashi
Executive Managing Officer
General Manager
Global Customer Service Unit

The Yanmar Remote Support Center came about due to the fact that on the occasion of our 100th anniversary, we had set out a direction calling for our after-sales service to be further strengthened. To realize the hopes of customers, namely that they need to be able to use equipment when they want to use it and that it should work properly, we monitor approximately 12,000 agricultural and construction machines 24 hours a day and gather information on them.

Remote monitoring has a long history that goes back to 1984. It began with the remote monitoring from Naha of power generators installed on remote, difficult-to-reach islands in Okinawa Prefecture. Initially it served local needs, but the system, which allowed the condition of a machine to be monitored remotely, i.e. without actually going out to inspect it, soon gained a reputation, and the business was rolled out nationwide.

In addition to monitoring problems with the conditions of machines and theft, in the future we intend to go one step further and provide services that predict failures before they occur and supply data relating to rice yields, the amount of water contained in rice fields. If data can be compiled for each customer, it will be possible to make proposals to individual customers that meet their needs, and enable us to provide them with information not only when a fault occurs but when the machine is operating normally, too. We will also be able to advise them when parts need replacing.

Structure and functions of the Yanmar Remote Support Center

One-stop management of three remote monitoring systems

Developed in 1984 with the aim of monitoring emergency power generators in Okinawa Prefecture, which contains a large number of remote islands. The system allowed telephone lines to be used to provide notifications of problems 24 hours a day. Now a range of services are offered, including monitoring of regular power generators, GHP air conditioning systems and other energy systems.

Developed in 2006 with the aim of stepping up land-based services for the ship engine market. Ships, ship operators, and Yanmar are connected via an IT communications network. This allows information to be shared and swift and precise support to be provided from the land.

This service, which allows information on the operation and condition of machines equipped with GPS and telecommunications devices to be gathered and utilized, was launched in the domestic agricultural machinery market and for construction machinery in 2013. Going forward, the service will be expanded to also cover marine pleasure craft and machine tools.

From our stakeholders
The service gives me peace of mind because I know I can rely on it in the case of an emergency

Mr. K. Yakiyama

I purchased a tractor equipped with SmartAssist, and it gives me peace of mind because it informs me immediately by telephone or email whenever a problem occurs. During the busy seasons, I sometimes work until late at night or from very early in the morning, and I sometimes operate the tractor for longer than the maximum operating time I have set. When that happens, I can get a notification by telephone of whether the tractor is operating normally or not. There have also been cases of tractors being stolen in this area, so I feel that this service is something I can depend on in emergencies.